Drafting a Leadership Manifesto for better coordination


How do you when the Weekdays begin?

It’s an excellent litmus test for the state of your culture at work.

We can love our work, love our determination, but if the people stuff in culture pushes us nuts, it’s a strenuous battle.

It’s a complicated issue, but thankfully it has some manageable solutions. The starting point is understanding what we want in the culture. We build on it from there in our plans, our ideas, and our responsibilities to one another.

Our news platform, NYK Daily, is concentrated on culture this week in their quarterly one-day immersion. Culture is one of those ‘necessary but not urgent’ topics that, if ignored, can derail a business. In NYK Daily, we make room for the ‘necessary and not pressing’ to get progress and take action on the things that matter most, like culture.

One of the activities is to write a manifesto. A manifesto is a public announcement of purposes and intentions. For culture, it’s about how you plan to operate. Part of the success in innovative companies is the foundation of a Manifesto to guide its purpose and focus. 

This is an excellent exercise to do with your team. What do you believe in? How do you want to proceed? When it comes to culture, I called this expanding your Culture Compass in one of my earlier articles. The Manifesto intensifies the Culture Compass into a fashionable creed.

Here is an example from one I have been developing for myself:

  • How you do one thing is how you do everything.
  • Be patient.
  • Enough is the key to happiness.
  • Nature is the best medicine.
  • Happiness!

Here’s one I’ve been planning to share with the team to develop our manifesto:

  • Feedback helps our backyard grow.
  • Treat every customer as an honored guest.
  • If you can make it better, do it.
  • Will it make the ship go faster?
  • ‘Fess up, don’t fester.
  • Distribute the wins.
  • Honor each other.

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