Does Using Essential Oils For Melasma Work?


Melasma is the appearance of dark patches on your face, and they often have a bit of a matte and light appearance. Usually, it can be found around the sides of the face. Most commonly around the forehead bridge of the nose and in the mustache area. It happens due to a combination of some surging hormones, like during the pregnancy. 

Also, a lot of times, other than pregnancy, it can be caused by this or starting birth control. It is a harder form of hyperpigmentation to treat. It will take longer to fade. But the worst part is that it can come back very easily. 

This is why using the right method to treat the melasma is quite important. Also, this is more prevalent in women. So if you have been asking around whether essential oils for melasma should be used, we will try to answer that question here. 

Does using essential oils for melasma work?

Well, although many people prefer other means of treating melasma, it is found that using natural means like using the essential oils tend to yield the best results. Because due to its nature, essential oils can keep the skin in better condition and reduce melasma induced problems. 

Also, some essential oils come with properties that can help to lighten up the skin. So instead of costly surgeries and whatnot, you should give those essential oils for melasma a try. As those are entirely naturally derived oil, there is very little chance of any side effects as well.

Tea Tree Essential Oil 

This oil is known to have benzoyl peroxide acid on it. It has been long used to treat various skin problems like acne and dark spots as well. It can help to remove those dark patches and improve the overall glow of the skin as well. It works best when the dark spots start to appear, and using tea tree essential oil can be quite beneficial to lighten up those parts of the skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil is quite a handy oil as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties on it. But most importantly, this essential oil is known for its ability to regenerate the growth of the new cells in the skin. This is why using this oil can have a positive impact on the treatment of melasma. Because it will help you to get rid of the dark patches caused by the melasma quite easily. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

Eucalyptus is already a quite popular ingredient of beauty and skincare products you can see out there. But other than being so effective on improving the lushness of the skin, it can also be a great help in fighting against melasma as well. It is full of rich antioxidants that can greatly help to reduce the darkness and patches that have been ravaging your skin.

Lavender Essential Oil 

Many people might find it surprising to see the lavender being on the list. Because honestly, most of the people tend to know lavender due to the soothing aroma comes with it. But other than being used for aromatherapy and massage, it can also be used in improving the appearance of the skin as well.

Pomegranate Oil 

Last but not least, this essential oil is quite rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that have a positive impact on the skin. It comes with an ellagic acid, which can greatly improve sun-damaged skins. It has been increasingly used for reducing wrinkles and repairing the skin’s damage from prolonged exposure to the sun. It triggers the keratinocyte process in the skin, which also helps to rejuvenate the skin as well.

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