Do Online Shopping Packages Get Delivered At Your Doorstep With Eco Shipping?


Shipped! One of the most commonly used words in today’s eCommerce language, currently this word is facing a drought, but still very evident. In simple terms ‘one desires other delivers’ that is an easy approach to shipping but it isn’t that easy while delivering you your desires, the environment gets hurt, whales our potential weapon to fight climate change (read Whales Our Potential Weapon to Fight Climate Change to know more) collide with these ships and lead to injury further decreasing the chances of survival. Ships are responsible for causing water, oil, acoustic, and air pollution, they are responsible for almost 18 percent of air pollutants contributing negatively to the Environment. Shipping Activities are important for the economic growth and increase in Global Trade for any country but it is also been an addition to current environmental adversities, but to address this problem shipping industry is coming up with ideas like eco shipping or green shipping which will help mitigate the environmental adversities.

What is Eco Ship or Green Ship?

It can be defined as the ship that uses different technologies which are majorly related to fuel savings or use alternate fuels to reduce the Greenhouse Gas emission. Eco-friendly vessels are known to play a key role that helps enable green shipping. To talk about performance, Lun et al suggested a concept known as Greening and Performance and concluded a positive relationship between greening and performance in shipping operations.

Modus Operandi

IMO (International Maritime Organization) Regulations

  • MARPOL 73/78 is an environmental convention that aims to prevent marine water pollution caused due to ships.
  • Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 aims to limit the emission of pollutants like sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, volatile organic compounds.

IMO proposed three ways of achieving the target of reduced GHG emissions.

  1. EEDI – Energy Efficiency Design Index
  2. EEOI and SEEMP – Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator and Ship Energy Management Plan respectively
  3. MBM – Market-based measures, such as emissions trading systems

All these together contribute to a system which helps mitigate the GHG emissions from operational as well as non – operational perspective.

Efforts by Courier Shipping Companies –

Use of recycled or biodegradable materials for eco – friendly packaging which is not only sustainable but safe too for both humans and the environment. These materials produce minimal or zero environmental waste and have a reduced impact on the environment.

The German Company DHL has launched a worldwide GoGreen program that encourages the use of non-toxic foams, reusable anti-static peanuts, biodegradable packaging.

DHL has made some aerodynamic changes to reduce air resistance which further reduces fuel consumption.

DHL aims to go Carbon Neutral by 2050.

UPS is joining this club by replacing bubble wraps with recyclable air pillows.

Eco shipping is a cost-effective and planet-friendly method of shipping cargoes. Although the attitude of the companies, lack of experts, tight budgets, and issues related to domestic law are some of the shortcomings of this environmentally friendly process this indicates that we are willing to not only address a problem but find a solution to tackle it. (Read Era of Solutions to Know More).

One cannot be an environmental extremist and keep all these ships in the harbor, the ships belong to the sea they are meant to whisk the water and move ahead making way for the economy. A company A P Moller – Maersk is Denmark’s largest company, its sales are equal to the 20 percent of Denmark’s GDP and it uses more oil than the entire nation. We all need to take a moment and appreciate the efforts of the shipping industry for treating this as an issue and devise mutually benefitting policies because of which both the parties (Industrialists and Environmentalists) going home happy, thank you for not choosing money and ignoring nature. Companies like DHL and UPS are the bridge between the Economy and Environment, they have shown that it is not impossible to maintain a perfect balance between the two.

The shipping companies are doing their part of the bit, it’s a long road ahead and it’s high time we contribute our bit in this quest of saving the planet. Remember people together we can and we will Save the Planet! So Let’s Do It!

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