Different Styles of Pools

Have you decided to install a fibreglass swimming pool? Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we can ensure you that a fibreglass pool is a fantastic investment. You will get so many years of joy for your family and friends. Having a pool in your own backyard means being able to have pool parties, bbq’s and social gatherings and having the luxury of being able to relax and unwind by your pool on those hot summer days

Fibreglass pools are becoming increasingly more popular due to the fact they are less expensive than concrete and come in a wide range of different shapes and styles to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Barrier Reef Pools is the largest manufacturer of fibreglass inground pools in Australia. Let’s take a look at a few of our different styles we have to offer:

Slimline Range

Are you wanting a pool that doesn’t take up your entire backyard? We understand that the majority of homeowners want to be able to have some sort of garden or yard as well as a pool. Our slimline range is perfect or anyone who has little room but can still maintain a garden which is why a slimline pool would be your perfect option. Installing a slimline pool will increase the value of your property without spending too much money, they are also easier to clean than larger pools and require less maintenance.

Family Pools

Our Family Pools are one of the most popular styles that we sell due to their versatile designs. They are designed with easy access steps with plenty of room to swim around and have fun for the entire family. These pools are extremely versatile and will suit both formal and casual landscaping. Our family pools at Barrier Reef have been proven to meet families needs, we continue to do research and development to come up with new ideas to ensure this design is fun for the whole family.

Plunge Pools

It is becoming increasingly more common for houses to be bigger and backyards to be smaller which is why plunge pools are becoming a more popular choice for Australian Homeowners, especially residents who live in city built-up areas. A plunge pool is built specifically for relaxing, cooling off and just being able to wade and lounge around on those sunny days. The beauty of these pools is no matter the shape or size of your outdoor area these pools can be made to fit which will add that extra touch of luxury to your home.

Lap Pools

If swimming is something you enjoy and you would love to add it to your lifestyle each day then adding a lap pool to your home would be a perfect choice. Lap Pools are becoming increasingly more popular for both families and individuals in Australia. They are long and narrow in size and are fantastic for the serious swimmer as they boast a long stretch of water which makes it a perfect sanctuary for swimming laps. Due to its size being more narrow, lap pools are also a fantastic option for teaching your kids how to swim as the distance between each side is a lot smaller compared to a family size pool.

Swim Spas

Swim Spas are a fantastic option for anyone wanting the perfect mix of swimming and relaxation. They are a great option for anyone who has limited space but still wants the benefits of being able to add fitness, fun, and relaxation into their lifestyle. Compared to a pool they require little maintenance and energy to run which makes them less expensive to run compared to a larger pool. Swim spas can also be heated all year round which means you can get good quality use from your spa no matter what the season. 

When it comes to different styles of pools here in Australia it is no secret we are spoilt for choice. Whether you have a small, large, narrow, or unique size and shape backyard you can be sure to find a pool that will accommodate your space and lifestyle. Here at Barrier Reef Fibreglass Pools Brisbane, we pride ourselves on exceptional knowledge and customer service and we only deliver the best when it comes to quality. We have been transforming homeowners backyards for the past 20 years and are confident we can help you find exactly what you are looking for. One of our friendly team is always willing to help and answer any questions you might have so give us a call today!

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