A career in the field of Intelligence might be one of the most popular options for young individuals, thanks to the many Hollywood movies. Who doesn’t want to be a superman that saves masses and takes down the bad guy for good? Besides, all the flashy perks and quirky talents are still attractive even without a damsel in distress scenario. But unfortunately, the life of an Intelligence agent is nothing like movies project it.

It sure is no challenge for the movie makers to charmingly wrap up a persona around any character. And using the wicked camera and visual effects, they make it look like its real. In their world, field intelligence agents can dodge bullets and walk on walls without breaking a sweat. At least most young ones believe it without a second thought and aspire to be like them. But as it goes out, none of it is true.

In real life, intelligence officers are more subtle and ordinary than an action hero. They have regular families and jobs and work round the clock to ensure the safety of their country and its people. Most of them even work on a desk with computers like anyone managing a business. What makes their work so appealing is the element of surprise and thrill in their jobs. But that is only attractive as long when you are watching it from a distance. Up close, there is a lot of pressure and piling responsibilities that an intelligence officer has to bear.

Being an intelligence agent, you not only need dedication, motivation, and talent but a selfless attitude as well. You should prepare to devote your life to the safety and security of others. On top of it, you need to exhibit extraordinary character and skills to get picked. Remember that your work ethic is not only tested at a workplace but with your daily life activities. And the responsibility of your shoulders needs no emphasis, as lives depend on it. Hence, outlining the magnitude of work and challenges of a career in this field.

If you still feel confident about choosing Intelligence as your profession, then you need to display some core abilities to qualify. These will help better answer the question of how to become an intelligence officer and ensure whether you are fit for the job. However, in case you fail to possess these, the chances that you will be a deadweight for others to carry. In such a situation, it’s for the best that you give up pursuing a career in this field. But if you think that you can overcome your shortcomings over time, these are the abilities that you need to cultivate.


Intelligence is a profession that can only be learned by following the footsteps of experienced individuals. It means that every intelligence officer needs to exhibit needs to showcase resolute leadership skills. That will help the newcomers understand the significance and burden of their jobs.

Besides, asking others to devote themselves without a leading figure is absurd. Most people signing up are likely to quit because of the absence of a leader or the presence of a weak one. It is a profession that demands courage, and you need to capable of instilling that in others. Without it, it’s hard for you to progress in this field.


Intelligence is all about teamwork. You always have a group of capable individuals working towards a single objective. It is the effort of this ensemble that creates an opportunity for you to achieve your goals without gaining attention. In critical situations, you also need to count on them just like they do with you.

Failing to have this connection and finesse is unacceptable for this profession. A stubborn and unreliable attitude can cost your team its life. That is why teamwork is crucial to establish a career in Intelligence.


The life of an intelligence officer might involve a lot of traveling and trash-talking. You need to be familiar and fluent with lots of languages to do that. Expert linguistics are most suited for this job as they work their way using words that attract the least attention. It is easy for them to get in and out of any situation without arousing suspicion. That is a highly coveted skill for a career in Intelligence as it often pushes you into leading roles for projects.


An intelligence agent needs to showcase their wits every time they are in a tricky situation. A detailed analysis of surroundings and reports is necessary to do that. You often need to read and notice intricate details and subtle changes while fulfilling your tasks. That enables you to be better at your job while working for an agency.


A big part of a career in Intelligence is blindly following orders. There are situations that you might not understand or undisclosed details that will make you question your actions. But in this line of work, you need to trust the people working with you. Falling weak in the face of your emotions and sentiments can be costly for everyone on the team. That is why you need to practice discipline and follow orders even if you think otherwise.


A job in intelligence can often make you lose your conscience and question your motives. There are times that you might suffer from intense anxiety and depression from the pressure of work. But you must maintain composure under these testing circumstances. Reflecting upon the past might be helpful, but getting stuck in it can be a pressing concern. Your rash decisions and appalling actions can put your life and the lives of those around you at risk. That is why the ability to remain calm is vital for the job.


That sums up the core abilities that you need to foster while trying to secure a career in Intelligence. If you don’t have some or all of them at this point, it doesn’t mean that you can’t develop them over time. If you feel strongly about this profession, then start working towards it. Even if you fail, at least you won’t regret not trying at all.

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