Colombian capital to lift gendered shopping rules

Colombian capital to lift gendered shopping rules

Colombia’s capital, Bogota, will lift rules that required men and women to shop on different days during the country’s coronavirus quarantine, the city’s mayor said on Friday.

The measure, similar to others put in place around Latin America, has been criticized by LGBT groups and transgender people who say the restrictions have exposed them to discrimination and violence from people questioning their right to be out.

The rule, in place for nearly a month, will end on Monday, Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez said during a virtual press conference. Lopez said the restriction will be lifted because a gradual return to work for construction and manufacturing sectors will make it difficult for police to enforce gender rules.

Everyone will be required to use face masks when outside, Lopez said, and residents in certain neighbourhoods in the working-class south of the city with high case numbers will have to stay inside between Saturday and May 23.

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