Climate Change: Hoax or Happening?

No, it’s bogus, not true! How can it happen, last winter my blanket was my World and I was reluctant to leave my world no matter what! So the world is not warming it’s just a hoax. As we speak “The Earth’s Temperature Has Increased 0.911°C since 1950” this statement is as true as the existence of gravity.

Some may say ‘Climate is always changing’ just to correct this statement, ‘Climate is not always changing. Weather is always changing!’. Climate only changes when you are the one who is forcing a change. When our planet suffers an energy imbalance and gains or losses heat, global temperature changes.

Projection and Prediction

The words projection and prediction carry different meanings, the first one is an estimate of the future based on the study of present trends and the latter is just some guesswork or a forecast. If we know today we can analyze yesterday, analyze yesterday we can guesstimate tomorrow that in real sense is known as projection, take greenhouse gases for an example when ice records dated at least 8.5 lakh years showing a relationship between Earth’s temperature and greenhouse gases, which is simple. When the temperature is high GH gases are also high. Some scientists have suggested climate change projections, today we are at 1.7°C if all necessary precautions are taken the average global temperature will rise by 2°C by 2050. At 1.7, our forests are burning, glaciers are melting, the weather is changing, imagine if we just sit and do nothing the global temperatures can rise to 5.5°C to 7°C just pause for a second and think about the consequences. Time and time again Nature has shown when it is at her worst it is beyond human control.

Climate Science

Climate Science is a relatively new category of science and different than Physical and Natural Sciences but it’s a potpourri of different sciences. Humans didn’t care about it until they witness and experience a sharp rise in temperature.

Earth Is Flattening

The Earth today is becoming hotter, flatter, and more crowded. The economy is making the Earth and the world flatter and not in a literal sense, the planet is still a sphere orbiting around the sun, this means that more and more people are easily able to access the personal computer, personal items, family residence than they could pre-twenty first century. We have successfully turned the world in 1’s and 0’s, today we can coordinate and work with people living in different places in the world. I believe we humans know that ‘flattening the curve’ is always good whether it’s Earth’s or a Virus’s. Earth is becoming hotter crediting to global warming caused due to burning of fossil fuels thus increasing GHGs. According to NASA scientists, since the 1970s each subsequent decade has gotten hotter and 9 out of 10 hottest years on record have occurred in the 21st century, “Deniers may deny but the satellites and thermometers don’t lie” population is ever-growing and is getting out of control hence the Earth has crowed. Here is an interesting take on a growing population that intrigued me. David Douglas, Vice President of Sun Microsystems commented that when the newest billion people arrived, we give them each 60-W incandescent light bulb and he said ” Each bulb doesn’t weigh much – roughly around 0.7 ounces with the packaging but a billion of them together weigh around 20,000 metric tons, or about the same as 15,000 Priuses. Now let’s turn them on. If they are all on at the same time it would be 60,000 MW. Luckily, they will use only use their bulbs 4h/day, so we’re down to 10,000 MW at any moment. Yikes! Looks like we’ll still need 20 or so-new 500 MW coal-burning power plants.” So to cater to the needs of the next billion we need to increase fossil fuel consumption further leading to a rise in global temperature. Hence it’s simple maths correlating global warming and crowding on Earth

Solution Under Construction

We cannot do this the ‘Thanos way’. We are the ‘most advanced species’ and the best thing about us is that we don’t give up! We fight, we believe in the statement ‘survival of the fittest’ we find alternatives and do all that it takes to survive. For example, the population is increasing at a rapid rate hence energy demand increases, so rather cribbing about it we are looking for cleaner energy solutions, Humans are going renewable the use of Solar, Hydro, Thermal, Biofuels as energy resources, etc are a proof that a solution is on the table that focuses on fulfilling energy demands and help mitigate the carbon emissions. It’s a long road ahead but we have started moving on the right path we will reach the destination eventually.

Remember people together we can and we will Save The Planet! Let’s Do It, We Are Doing It! Let’s Get It Done!

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