Chancellor of Austria won’t play the “blame game” about responsibility for spread of virus.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz briefs the media about the coronavirus situation in Vienna, Austria

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says there’s no sense in engaging in a “blame game” about who was responsible for the spread of the coronavirus.

Kurz was asked Friday whether the Austrian government will apologize to other countries for what happened in ski resorts such as Ischgl, where tourists were infected and carried the virus as far away as Iceland and Norway.

Kurz said that Austria responded earlier than other countries to the pandemic. He added: “I would never demand an apology from the Italians for Italian guests bringing the virus to Austrian ski resorts, because they certainly didn’t do it deliberately.”

Kurz said that “it doesn’t make sense to play an international blame game about who is responsible for this pandemic.”

He said it’s important to be self-critical and examine what could have been done better.

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