Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

This time may be good for Capricorn lovers. They may spend some happy and unforgettable moments together. Their individual families might want them to solemnize this relationship, and the couple might do so. A grand wedding might take place. According to planetary transits, a close bond with a new person may be on the cards. On the family front, there might be some problems. Keep your cool, and try not to get lost in sentiments and take a hasty decision.

Education and Knowledge

During this period, planets are in open transit, which may be good for undergraduates to make quick progression. They may find themselves working long hours, without encountering any barriers. They may also be quite productive, and their learning process may move along smoothly. Those in higher education might work spiritedly to accomplish their academic goals. Their urge to study well might be quite high. They might receive useful tips and advice to speed up their learning, and this might point to adequate growth in academics, that might translate to visible results in exams.


This may be a good time health-wise, as planetary movements might indicate. You may do well to begin some sort of physical activity daily. That might help you stay fit and active. The morning hours are most suitable for this. Middle-aged people and seniors may see some old health issues come up again. People with blood pressure issues and diabetics, need to watch out for any health irregularities. They need to follow their diet and doctor’s guidance unfailingly. If you have any issues with your eyesight, particularly your left eye, visit an ophthalmologist. The doctor may give you medicine, that might solve your eye problem, preventing any further complications.

Money and Finances

During this period, Saturn rules Capricorn and is currently in the second house, linked with finance. Saturn moves in its own sign Aquarius, along with Mars, and both are located in the upper house. This change may make you smarter at handling money. With better financial understanding, you may be able to make arrangements regarding your own wealth after much deliberation. A well-thought-out financial transit may render success, and there might be an inflow of revenue. There might be an increase in household expenses, but don’t worry, as financially you may be able to sail through the week without any stress.

Career and Businesses

Businessmen may stress due to declining sales. Making policy to counter this may be the need of the hour. Preparation might help businessmen cope reasonably well. Businessmen may be at the point of making a good move, that may adjust the scales in their favor. Before extending credit to any customer, businessmen may need to think twice. Employed people in search of a better job and salary, may be able to function well in their existing jobs. This might reinforce their chances of getting placed better, ultimately.

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