Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Couples are likely to mesh in annoying verbal exchanges. The two of you may not be able to use as much time together. At times, things may seem to be going downhill. However, you are cautioned not to let trivial issues get the better of you. In terms of making new friends, new bonds are likely to form. However, some planning should be spent before entirely opening up to a new relationship. Some inertia with an elder one in the family may arise.

Education and Knowledge

The holidays must be nearing the end. Students on the verge of starting their graduation will stay unsure and wary of the new subjects that they will come across. The planetary influences will not aid clear-headed students looking forward to getting employed by mastering their subjects. But spirits must be kept high. As far as the higher education students are concerned, they will have to keep up with solving adverse situations. Though it will be hard for them to make time for studies amidst all the hustle, efforts should be persistent.


Some minor health issue might be annoying. It is recommended to visit the physician if the problem persists and do as per the doctor prescribes to keep away from the troubling issue. There are also chances of respiratory problem aggregating. To stay safe from such breathing troubles, staying away from polluted places is recommended. Moreover, Mars is affecting the sixth house with Sun and Mercury transiting along its orbit. This will lead to probable injury on the lower limbs of the body. Hence, one should be cautious concerning the fore stated concerns.

Money and Finance

Saturn will be passing through the house, linked with finance and is likely to make you wiser about handling matters related to finance. It will have a positive impact on your financial arrangements. This is also an excellent time to enhance one’s knowledge of finance management. No significant surge in income is indicated. However, constant efforts will have to be ensured to maintain the current inflow of money. No significant losses will be incurred. Routine and accidental expenses should be easy to handle.

Career and Business

Planetary movements will extremely affect the competition pressure hovering over the businessmen. They are likely to take some well-calculated steps to win the game. However, the optimum quality of goods and the standard of the material must always be kept in mind. Working professionals will also undergo an extended amount of obligation, which shall put them under overexertion. They will have to go the extra mile to meet targets. The cosmic energy seems less likely to resonate in their support.

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