Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Unfavourable movement of planets shall make those in a committed relationship develop doubts about their lover. Their mind would waver about the honesty and sincerity of their partner. This would reach such levels that they would consider ending the relationship. Married people are going to have a merry time with their spouses. Family will be the crux of your worries this week. You mustn’t get too aggressive in your tone. Being tolerant of views of others shall maintain peace and love in the kin. It is important to be careful in a new relationship.

Education and Knowledge

The term-end break in schools offers students a relief from tiring academic work. This is the time when they can rejuvenate and replenish their draining energy. All youngsters prefer to spend time with their family. Moreover, they like socializing. The vacation from studies provides a great chance to pay a visit to relatives who live in another city. Undergraduates are expected to be in a relaxed frame of mind and not be in the mood to study. The students of senior secondary education would have to manage an emergency. Due to this, they may not be able to meet their scholarly targets.


Senior adults could develop fluctuating in blood pressure. They have to be careful regarding this and not let it worsen. Stick to your medication diligently and also have regular checkups. This shall bring to light any new problems and due action can be taken. It can be said with reasonable certainty from the movement of planets that diabetic patients need to follow the counsel of the dietician in order to keep health ailments away. Another concern for you is that you may get hurt in the lower area of the body. Take care.

Money and Finance

You will be wise in all financial matters . You shall make organised decisions and be practical in your approach to finances due to this development. Also, you won’t be perturbed by unforeseen and massive expenditure. This will allow you to make notable savings and keep you in a stable place to deal with any emergencies in the future.

Career and Business

Businessmen will have worries about rising competition in the market. They have to be proactive and chalk out an effective strategy to deal with this bothersome scenario. Only through practical efforts can they maintain their market position or they risk losing their clientele to other companies. Under all circumstances, they should maintain high standards in their output and not compromise on quality or quantity. Business travel may not yield the necessary results. Employees may feel insecure regarding the status they hold in the company. They need to stay alert and concentrate on the job at hand and give satisfactory output. Favourable forces aren’t in the picture.

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