Cancer Weekly Horoscope 31st May – 6th June, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week has to extend mixed results as far as your relationship equations are concerned. There will not be any difficulties during the initial three days of the week. There is a powerful possibility of singles falling in love head over heels during this time. The affinity between you and your partner will be extraordinary! The intimate love and joyful moments you spend together will be simply out of this world! The remaining days of the week may be slightly difficult. The week seems to be especially good for married couples. They will be able to enjoy their married life to the fullest possible extent.

Education and Knowledge

This week has to offer a mixed bag of fruits for students. Students could have a particular liking towards subjects related to science and technology, particularly during the first three days of the week. Students pursuing higher education like post-graduation, especially masters or doctorate degrees, will do excellently well during this week! Students may be faced with a lot of confusion during this time. Those intending to pursue higher education overseas will be in a state of mental dilemma. This could leave them feeling directionless. Strangely, students may be more interested in studying subjects that are not a part of their standard syllabus.


The initial four days of the week will bring good mental and physical health. You will be brimming with energy, enthusiasm, and positivity during these days. Your overall productivity will also substantially increase. Although, you will need to be very careful during the remnant of the week. You may suffer from minor issues related to your digestive system, stomach, eyes, ears, and nervous system. These issues will keep you mentally and physically disturbed. You will have a severe lack of concentration and your productivity will be adversely affected. Do not neglect to take adequate rest and abstain from eating junk food.

Money and Finances

The initial four days of the week are very favorable for matters pertaining to finance. Salaried employees are likely to be offered arrears and incentives. They may even get a promotion or a raise in salary. Investing in the stock market will be profitable during this week. This week offers bright prospects for those businessmen who are considering an expansion. We would advise that you focus on avenues of safe investments during this week. Investments like gold, silver, and real estate will prove to be profitable in the near future. The weekend may bring financial losses and heavy expenses in regard to legal suits.

Career and Business

This week brings a mixed bag of fruits for matters pertaining to career and business growth. Days beginning from the mid-week to the weekend are favorable for salaried employees. Their hard work will be noted and they will be appreciated by their superiors. They may even be offered a promotion or an increment in salary. A professional trip overseas is also a possibility. The first day of the week may bring financial losses for businessmen. The inability to supply quality products may result in such losses. With the help of a financer, businessmen will be able to launch something new during the last four days of the week.

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