Cancer Weekly Horoscope 10th – 17th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

A young and single person would look forward to getting intimate with an old friend of the opposite gender. But the person could insist that they first get married. Financial limitations shall prevent the single individual from fulfilling the wishes of the partner. Discontentment is on the rise in the lives of married couples. One of you must take the first step towards warmth in your relationship. The opportunity to meet many new men and women will come up. You should try to form meaningful new bonds instead of just casual ones. Family will be a fun affair.

Education and Knowledge

Vacations are important to give the children a break from academics and learn and experience new things. This way, they recharge themselves with enthusiasm. The students in the final year of graduation are advised to be ready for the new term. He or she can do this by studying topics that are about to be taught when classes begin again. Children who are pursuing higher studies could be occupied with trivial issues. This doesn’t sit well for their scholarly goals.


You might be bothered by a small health ailment. But do not take it lightly. It is best to take action by consulting a physician. Be on guard with any ailment developing in the respiratory system. Avoid going to a place with polluted air and exposing yourself to polluted air. The planet predict an issue coming up for people with diabetes. Strictly avoid sweets and soft drinks. Watch out for any deviation in body and be diligent in checkups.

Money and Finance

Planetary positions predict a difficult time for you financially. You have to be very careful in financial matters here. You should first make a list of things requiring the expense. Next step is to prioritise. If there is something that involves money but isn’t an emergency, it’s best you delay it for now. Expend money only on things that are a must. Keep a check on all spending. The inflow of finances will stay as usual. Miscellaneous expenses won’t be a worry.

Career and Business

There is something huge building up for businessmen. But this is not the time to celebrate as it could take a while for things to become concrete. You may be frustrated and disappointed. Channelize this negative energy into improving your output. Also, give respect to opinions of close ones. If you are a salaried employee, you may experience some force holding you back from working at your best level. Circumstances will make you extend work hours. Favourable forces may not work during this time.

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