Aries Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020


Love and Relationships

People who are unmarried and are in a relationship could face a lot of persuasion from their partners to get married and make their relationship official on paper. But the current planetary movements isn’t beneficial to tie the knot as of now. The couple is advised to have patience and postpone the joyful event for a more auspicious time. It is also seen in the position of planets that you may meet new people. You would form a strong bond with an influential individual which would benefit you greatly in your profession and finances. Approach any turbulence with your partner with caution and don’t lose your temper.

Education and Knowledge

Since students must be on a break right now after the end of the term, they must be busy relaxing or meeting friends. It is recommended for the students in the final year of graduation to go through topics that are about to be taught in the upcoming academic year. Students need to stay motivated to thoroughly grasp knowledge that they seek. That’s when they will make massive progress. It is seen that students pursuing higher education will be keen on making some money through part-time jobs. They can spend the cash on their basic necessities. As they are on a break, they may not feel inclined to study.


It is possible that you could face issues with digestion. This can be cured by making a habit of brisk walking every day. The benefit of this extremely effective exercise is more than just curing digestion, it also burns calories and keeps the cardiovascular system in check. It’s the simplest way to stay fit. There is a possibility of falling from a height, please be alert. Diabetic patients need to be mindful of what they eat and must stick to the diet chart given by their doctor.

Money and Finance

Making financial gains is not very likely this week, given the planetary positions. You will have to put in a lot of efforts to make a normal amount of money. But be careful, taking any crucial decision related to money is likely to backfire. Also, this is not a favourable time for investing money. Your personal expenses may rise. It is recommended to keep a check on unexpected and unwarranted expenses. So postpone spending huge amounts of money for now. This will make you financially stable and secure in the future.

Career and Business

Two major planets Saturn and Jupiter are transitioning in a retrograde way. Due to this, business people are advised to be on the lookout for new clients in order to boost sales. Employees shall be happy to get recognition and praise for work done earlier. It seems they may have to go out of town for work but forces are not too favourable. Be mentally prepared to work for extended hours in office.

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