Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 24th – 30th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

The roman god of love and beauty- Venus moves over the fifth house along with Mercury and Sun. This shall have a monotonous impact on the single ones out there as well as on those together in love. Some disdain and grief shall sustain. However, some might come across new bond which may nurture into a friendly bond. But one must have a forethought before entirely giving in to that new bond. As far is family concerned, some discrepancies shall build up. Fixing them now would not be advisable.

Education and Knowledge

Students in the last year of graduation need to adjust up for the topics to be studied in new term. They must be a little more cautious and efficient. It will only help enhance their expertise for the time when it will matter the most. Higher education students need not worry much on the academic front for now. This is a nice time for them to bask in their energetic youth while they can. They can make themselves mentally ready for the new sessions by revitalizing and managing time skillfully.


One may be receptive to a viral infection during this span. So, caution must be taken for protection. Middle-aged and senior citizens are likely to face muscle and joint pain. Physiotherapy or some such measures must be taken to deal with the physical anxiety. Those with persistent health troubles should be on guard for this phase. Such as those undergoing diabetic or blood pressure troubles must be vigilant with their diet. In the troublesome cases, a dietician must be advised. Regular check-ups and a disciplined diet follow-up must be done.

Money and Finance

On the financial front, things are not very encouraging during this period. The commander- in-charge of finance, Jupiter turns in the twelfth house from the second house. In the company of Ketu, it has a regressive effect on the earth sign- Capricorn as well. Due to which any half-hearted attempts to promote business prospects must be kept at bay. But all is not sordid for them this week. For instance, routine and incidental expenses would be manageable. On the whole, this should be a smooth transition, provided no new ventures are taken up.

Career and Business

Saturn is your guiding sign. Moreover, Saturn and other influential planets now have a retrograde effect. On the occupational front, it does not give a very reassuring image. Money-spinning deals will be pushed to new boundaries. Businessmen will have to grind more. Persistence and determination should be kept on the top of the head. On the employee’s front, there will be effective outputs. Though, reformist forces will lag a little, targets will be delivered. Racing against time should not be that big of a task.

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