Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd May, 2020


Love and Relationships

People in love would want to take the next step and get married soon. But this may not be reciprocated by the partner. This is because of poor financial stability of him or her and they would want to postpone the wedding arrangements for now. The planetary positions shall lead you to meet new people. One such newly met person may even prove beneficial to you in your growth. You should not overly depend on someone you have recently met. This may prove to be a bad decision. An issue in family may take away your peace of mind. Let go of little things to maintain love and harmony.

Education and Knowledge

The vacation after a semester ends plays a big role in a student’s life. On one hand, it gives time for relaxation and re-energizing themselves, on the other hand it also gives them a change to pursue their hobbies and meet their friends freely. While a college student in the crucial year of his/her degree can and should enjoy the above activities, it would be practical if he or she makes use of this time. The student must make a note of the topics to be covered in the upcoming term and study them. Post graduate students would want to stay away from books.


Your health may go down in some manner this week. The cause of this ailment may not be easily diagnosed. More diagnostic tests shall be needed to detect the cause of this illness. Jupiter is moving into sixth house which is related to illness. Due to this positioning of stars, you will get relief from ailments soon. People who are middle aged and old may have discomfort in joints and muscles. You should take necessary care and seek medical help if needed. Watch out for any respiratory issues taking shape.

Money and Finance

It is predicted by the movement of planets that no significant gain in finances is going to come your way during this period of time. This isn’t the best time to make a final decision related to money. It is implied that you a sudden accusation of a small monetary gain by you shall give you some happiness this week. It is recommended that you shouldn’t stray from the boundaries of ethical behaviour in the marketplace to make more cash. Compromising on moral values brings anxiety and guilt. All other expenses shall be managed by you easily.

Career and Business

Entrepreneurs are expected to work hard and design a strategy to keep progressing consistently while overcoming all the obstacles they face in the pursuit of success. They will relate their self esteem with the progress they make at work. The planetary position is such that the finalising of an important transaction shall not take place this week. It shall get postponed to a later date. They need to have faith and stay hopeful for things to go their way, which they will. Salaries employees would be happy with the task they are given. They are advised to keep persevering to increase their work efficiency.

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