Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 10th – 16th May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Love birds shall face some problems in their relationship with each other. In a healthy love relation it is important to take care of the feelings of one another. The current position of the planets does not imply it is the right to settle down in a marriage. Hence, lovers should be composed in this regard. Crisis is fermenting in the life of married couples. The partners shall feel distant and cold. Furthermore, stars suggest an unholy desire to engage in a flirtation with a visitor. Tension with a younger one in the family is going to build up. Be thoughtful and cautious.

Education and Knowledge

Students should work in this line of study with readiness and leave no stone unturned. Pupils of post graduation level can look for a part time job. This will enable them to earn some money which they can use for their expenses. Those seeking higher education are advised to make the most of the free time in hand and get acquainted with the new syllabus. This can give them a boost in the new term.


The transition of planets forebodes a bout of viral infection plaguing you this week. As is the case with nearly all problems in life, prevention is better than cure. Take due precautionary measures and stay healthy. Also, maintain a healthy gut. It is indicated that the middle aged individuals and veterans may experience characteristic pain in muscles and joints. Take the necessary steps to alleviate the pain and get relief. Patients of diabetes are advised to follow the advice of medical professionals. They are to abstain from the consumption of sweets and soft drinks with high sugar content. You have to keep yourself physically fit as well.

Money and Finances

There isn’t much to look forward to on the economic front. Dark clouds gather over your sign at the moment as an enervated Jupiter joins forces with a maleficent Ketu and this annoying couple moves through the twelfth house. Needless to say, it is reckless to assume any substantial profit to come your way. However, your home expenses shall be managed comfortably. Some gain may give you a much demanded cheer. The expense related to family is set to increase. Notwithstanding all the negativity, you shall appear safe and intact. So you needn’t lose any sleep over this but wait for this phase to pass by.

Career and Business

The planetary position may not be in your favour; particularly if you have a business of your own. This shall also defeat progressive forces. You should relentlessly look for a customer who can bring you a golden opportunity to amass wealth. It is shown that around middle of the week a dream opportunity shall knock on your door. Lengthy, albeit fruitful negotiations shall take place. However, it is not the time to start celebrating just yet. Planetary movements will prevent the formulation of the deal. Experienced workers will be on the top of their game. They will work with unerring efficiency. While their expectations of progression are justified, they should be ready to wait.

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