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Before the time of digitalization, everything is done manually which is a time consuming and costly process. But after digitalization, the trend saw a drastic change. We started working with the help of computers, smartphones, etc. The advanced technology known as Artificial Intelligence is beneficial for a lot of purposes. For their advantages, we have become so much dependent on them. Moreover, it saves time and cost. Nowadays, every sector has shifted towards digitalization such as banking, finance, transportation, hospitality, education, etc.

Educational Institutions are taking the help of advance technology to teach the students. Online or live sessions are conducted for making the students well verse with their topics. At some places, even exams are being conducted online and to prevent cheating and to maintain the sanctity of the exams, the remote proctoring is being practiced. Earlier, after the exams, students were assessed upon their performance manually which is measured or assessed merely based on estimation, observance, or partiality. But this is not a good method to assess the skills or quality or I.Q. of the students. Even the marks scored in the exams are not a good way to estimate the I.Q. of the students. But it can be appraised accurately with the help of online assessment tools. 

These are the tools that help to evaluate or assess the abilities, behavior, or other important features of an individual. These tests are conducted to test the knowledge and to know the strength and weaknesses of the person. It is designed in such a way to know whether the person giving the test has personality traits required for the job or not. But it is important to know what type of test is suitable for a particular purpose.

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Career assessment tests will give you a better understanding of the abilities of the candidates.

Requirements for selecting the best online assessment platform are: –

  • Compatibility across the devices: – Due to advancements in smartphones, these tests are even available on them and every candidate not having PC, laptop or tablet can operate it. So, the platform should provide the candidate this opportunity so that they don’t have to face any difficulty while giving the exam.
  • Remote Proctoring: – The best platform or company is the one that provides the facility of remote proctoring. This is the system that helps to assess and monitor the candidates in real-time access. The person who oversees the whole activities of the candidates is known as proctor. He has the power to disqualify the candidate from the exam if found cheating. For the best assessment, this facility is a must.
  • Customized workflows: – This is the feature that helps the companies to set up tests accordingly i.e. they can change it according to their requirement and according to the particular job. It provides flexibility to both companies and candidates.
  • Multiple authentication procedures: – The test should be secured with OTPs or passwords so that any fraudulent activity can be prevented. Moreover, it helps the candidate to feel secure and give their best responses.
  • Multi-linguistic platform: -The test should be conducted in multiple languages so that talent which is hidden behind the bars of language can also be explored.
  • Online support and assistance: – The continuous support and assistance must be provided to the candidates to resolve their queries.

Hence, these are the essentials that are required to choose the online assessment platform so that the assessment can be done at the top level. As we discussed earlier, these are designed so that companies can know the personality traits of the candidates. So, it is important to discuss how it is beneficial for companies.

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Benefits of online assessment tools to companies in hiring candidates: –

  • Streamlining the screening process: – These tools help the companies to shortlist the candidates based on an online test which further reduces their cost and saves time as they can skip the first step of recruitment i.e. written test.
  • Increasing reach: – These online assessment tools help in increasing the target of recruitment of skilled candidates as in traditional ways, they can only visit the limited number of colleges or candidates. Now, it is possible to conduct campus recruitment of a lot of colleges at once without even physically reaching there.
  • Hiring the right person: – It will be costlier for the companies to hire a wrong person as he may ruin the reputation of the company or may put the company into losses. Hence, it is very important to hire the right person for the right job, and hence these tools and tests will help to analyze the candidate abilities and if he meets the requirements then he can be hired.
  • Hiring for unfamiliar field: – The HR department has to recruit candidates. But it might also be possible they recruit for the positions which are unknown to them. Hence, this problem has been solved with these assessment tools as the department which wants to recruit a person can recruit themselves by conducting the online test and analyzing it with the help of software. This will help the companies to hire even more efficient and capable candidates.

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Therefore, these assessment tools have helped the company in a lot of ways. Hence it helps in increasing the rate of return of the companies as recruiting the right persons for the right job and hiring the persons whose talent remains hidden because he didn’t get the opportunities to showcase his abilities can be easily done. Moreover, these tools test aptitude, abilities I.Q., P.Q. or E.Q. level of the candidates which help them in hiring the best candidates. Candidates can even go for these tests themselves to know their present levels and can improve on it. As various online applications help in the same.

Nowadays, rather than competing on marks, it is important to compete and improve on these tests. As companies now focus on these tests to recruit the candidates. As the candidate with average marks but good personality or decision-making skills is preferred over the candidate with high marks but no personality. Hence, in the end, it can be concluded that candidates should focus on exploring their talents and improving on it along with their studies.

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