Aesthetics in Business Advertising


Walking down the road in burning summers, I went past many outlets. This was last year. I can’t go out for a walk in 2020 due to social distancing imposed in my country. No, I am not complaining because it’s for our own good. Back to 2019. While walking down the street and going past different shops, their names were written on big banners, glaring into the eyes; and sales managers nicely dressed but drying up in the sweltering heat of May.

Most of the showrooms were barren just waiting for the people to start their day. Sadly their faces were nearly dried up with dejection. During those current of thoughts, suddenly I got notice of a showroom that I felt was encouraging. Even on the hot afternoon in May, people were having a good time shopping there. I don’t know why something kept me calling. As if there was witchcraft to conjure customers.

Irresistible as it was, I went towards that shop and peeping through the glass door were numerous small and big roll-up banner stands to catch my attention. They hung with grace just all over the ceiling craving to touch the glossy off-white floor. And then sun doing them a favour- throwing upon them gold shimmer, they looked really impressive.

I still persisted outside and there took sight of a bamboo banner stand with contents in peaceful green on it. I could never think of such a scenic ‘shop’ ever. I forgot the hot weather for a moment. Gently, the door opened for me and I went on. Before I could give a look at other things, I was mesmerised by the aesthetic value of the store. Window dressings, flooring, ceiling, deco, wall color, and interior- everything was just perfect. Small artefacts on a big counter; a landscape painting and a spectacular fountain by its side: It was a breeze in May’s heat. It was then I recognised how it looked different from the shops I have ever been to. Roll-up banners were hung on the walls, windows all around to highlight their products and the products looked even fascinating. And even flag banner stands looked just apt with the setting. There might be identical products or a notch or two different on other stores but the aesthetic value absolutely added something to them. And I was fascinated with its elegance and aesthetic beauty. Even the banners were not traditional.

They were sleek, stylish, and elegant and had calming hues.

Soon, there was a herd of people inside and now I knew why. People not just look for good products but a good shopping experience as well.

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