A Bank for 2020 and beyond


With an estimated arrival date of late 2020, the upcoming Qazikoo bank is expected to change the landscape of online banking forever. The new Qazikoobank and accompanying app are expecting a great opening year if all estimations are fulfilled. The new soon-to-be-released platform and its selection of security features and functions have already caused a tremor across the banking sector.

Qazikoo offers a whole new world of digital banking. Users can rely on a simple to use and straightforward app to handle their money in multiple currencies, simplifying and redefining how foreign exchange works. However, underneath the apparent simplicity lies a security protocol designed to be on the same level as military grade encryption, ensuring the accounts of all users are perfectly safe.

Additional features of Qazikoo include fee free payments to multiple countries, the possibility to split bills and perform other transactions with other users of the Qazikoo app. The ability to customise your own card based on personal preference is also an option. Not only is the image up to the user’s discretion but even the layout can be completely modified. A process that not only results in a card reflecting the user’s taste, but also makes every card more unique and as such safer overall.

Qazikoois expected to enjoy a great year one launch, with talks of it reaching unicorn status during those first months. Through the Enterprise Investment Scheme – or EIS – any interested party can invest in Qazikoo and gain benefits of the expected returns. The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a UK tax relief policy that allows both individuals and companies to invest in local companies. Meaning that anybody, even individuals, can invest in Qazikoo and be a part of the process that is expected to change banking as we know it.

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