6 Best Home-Based Entrepreneurship Ideas in 2020

2020 has brought a painful shift in businesses and the world is changing. More and more people are finding a need for cash to support their ever-increasing lifestyles. Couple this with an unpredictable economic situation due to the coronavirus situation, and the need to create an extra income comes to the fore. To fight this situation an increasing number of people are beginning and operating businesses from home.

A complete list of home-based entrepreneurship ideas would be limitless. The 6 best home based business ideas contained within this article, are those considered by us due to them being economical, aggressive, relatively low start-up costs, and providing the ability for growth in 2020.

  1. Online business: Trading the financial markets, affiliate marketing, network marketing, eBay selling, web design, and desktop publishing to name but a few comes in this category. And with extra safety precautions being implemented because of the global pandemic, selling of trending products has become more in demand online. Due to the popularity and accessibility of the internet more and more people are opting to shop online instead of going through the hassle of buying from a physical store.
  2. Franchising: This involves diverse types of business arrangements. Perhaps the most popular type involves buying a license to sell a product in a special geographical region. An example of franchises is carpet cleaning, printing, and retail franchises.
  3. Consulting: This will involve a specialized skill set. For example engineering, accountancy, teaching a school, or university subject. This could be arranged from home or may involve traveling to the home of your clients. Alternatively, you could nurse businesses and support them in some specialist areas.
  4. Home health: Visiting elderly people in their own homes and providing nonmedical assistance, from shopping to cleaning. More and more aged people want to stay in their homes. So as one of the 6 best home-based entrepreneurship ideas, you would be providing a valuable service.
  5. Fitness coach: For this, you would have to travel to visit your clients at their home or in a corporate setting, that is, at their place of work. You could operate together with a hair and beauty consultant, fashion expert, and a nutritionist and sell a complete kit to your clients.
  6. Specialized Coaching: Specialized experience is required in every business and as a result, in areas such as life, relationships and business coaching are available. As in any enterprise new markets open up, presenting opportunities to those aware of the changing conditions. Remember that being a coach is a people business and good communicating skills are vital.

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