5 Tips for a Better Website Design for Increasing Conversion Rates

The main purpose of a website is to convert cold traffic into potential leads that can translate to business revenues. If digital marketing is one of the main marketing techniques that you are using, then naturally it is important that you are able to engage the user for longer and be able to clearly communicate what you have got to offer. 

This is where good website design comes into play. So, based on inputs given by a very successful web design company in India, here are some tips to help you improve your website, which in turn, can potentially increase your conversion rate.

Beautify with Minimalism

A website should be able to communicate the point of your business at the very first glance. A simple and clean interface is seen to be highly popular among brands as well as users. This does not mean that you should limit the information that you are providing, rather you need to be precise about what you are trying to communicate. 

Try to keep a clean layout rather than overwhelming the visitors with flashy animations. These are usually annoying and distracting, which ultimately leads the visitors to leave the website as soon as they arrive. This also increases the load time of the website and hampers with a good user experience. 

It’s always recommended to choose a fluidic design and responsive design templates. As they say, it’s not a good idea to reinvent the wheel unless it’s really needed.

Try Not to Deceive the Users

Stock photos and other open-source photos look great on a website, but that does not mean that it’s right to use them in a deceptive manner. If you put them on your website or landing pages, it might create a false image about what you are offering to a client. This can create a difference between expectation and reality, which in turn may reduce credibility. So, none of these videos and pictures belong to your home page, ‘about us’ page or services page. 

It is good to add images of people, your team and facility but only of the ones related to your brand. Hence, it is better to hire a photographer to take good website-friendly pictures. Your website visitors might not be able to trust a website that has nothing remotely close to reality.   

Think from the User’s Point of View

The website that you design has to be easy to understand for those visiting. The one building the website and sitting through the many meetings will know what to expect. But it is the users, your potential customers who at the end of the day should be able to navigate with ease. 

When consumers visit your website, they should be able to find anything that they are looking for in under two seconds. Adding a search tab can make the process easier, but make sure to keep the header simple and very organized. Nobody has that kind of patience to sit and understand the working of every site separately and sidelining what they actually came for. Also, make sure to include clear CTAs and contact information. It is comforting for the user to know that in case they need any kind of assistance, they will be able to reach you. 

Keep Mobile-Friendliness in Mind

Mobile traffic today is far more than that of desktop traffic and you ought to pay utmost importance to mobile-friendliness. Users may access your website from a small 4-inch mobile screen all the way to a 13-inch tablet and it needs to look equally good, regardless of the device size, web browser used and any other parameter.

Over 55% of conversions on e-com sites come from mobile devices and even the slightest issues in user experience can cause a significant drop in your conversion ratio. And, this is something you shouldn’t take into your hands – seekassistance from a professional web design company in Bangalore.

Keep the Navigation Simple

If your navigation is highly complex, then it could be a real disaster because if users struggle to navigate through your site, then you can just forget about any possibility of getting conversions. 

Another key thing to remember is to ensure that it isn’t very difficult for potential customers to contact you because in many cases, conversions may happen only after the customer gets in touch with your company and gets all his/her apprehensions cleared out. Double-check that your contact form is sending out all queries to the right email ID and that your exit page pop-ups collect the user’s info efficiently.

So, there you have it –5 essential design tips that can make or break the conversion game, which can have a great impact on your overall revenues. And, if you need professional assistance from a web development company in Bangalore, Techmagnate is your go-to option.

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