5 Life-Changing Lessons You Can Learn from Loneliness and Isolation


Loneliness is a repulsive emotional answer to observed isolation. Loneliness is also defined as social pain—a psychological mechanism that drives people to seek social connections. It is often linked with an undesired lack of relationship and confidence. Loneliness projects and yet is separate from solitude. Solitude is simply the state of being apart from others, not everyone who encounters solitude feels lonely. As an individual emotion, loneliness can be felt even when surrounded by other people; one who feels lonely is lonely. The causes of loneliness are different. They include social, mental, emotional, and environmental factors.

What can loneliness teach us? 

  1. Emotional independence is the only answer to happier living: When loneliness immerses you in its dark alleys, you’ll understand that nobody can ever make you happy. You alone are accountable for building your own happiness. People, events, moments will fade away like the colors of the autumn leaves. Although, building strong bonds and connecting with like-minded people is great. But being mentally, emotionally, or physically dependant on the other person is incorrect. Since it puts you on the back seat. You give power to them to make the simplest decisions for you. Loneliness helps you come out of this loop. 
  2. Happiness is not a destination, but a mere journey: Loneliness is described as sadness because one is distanced and may have no friends or company – which has a negative implication. However, a lot of people I know find happiness in being alone. What does this teach? Happiness is not always found in a crowd or when you are overworked, you can find yourself happy in isolation as well. Plus, happiness in isolation is constant and it keeps evolving, just like a journey with no end. 
  3. Acceptance: The most important thing loneliness teaches is acceptance. We start accepting our bodies, our minds, and our dreams. We start embracing our flaws. We start finding peace and happiness in our imperfections. We don’t go out to seek validation. Loneliness helps you grow mature. 
  4. Strength: Lonely souls are the strongest people in the world. Loneliness gives you a clock that never stops rotating. Lonely people swim in the ocean of isolation and it hits them with life-altering knowledge. Lonely people dive in the deep seas and submerge in its deep waters. Later, they rise up and emerge stronger. No one comes to save them when they’re sinking and so, they are self-reliant and stronger than others. Knowing that there is nobody to save the loners from drowning into the ocean, they consider all the ways to save themselves. 
  5. Gratitude: Being lonely teaches us to be grateful. The lonelier we are the more grateful we become for those memories and good times. Important life lesson indeed. 

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