4 Tips for Stress-Free Moving

Moving into a new property is a time of opportunity. In regards to the move itself, it is the opportunity to go through what you have, declutter, and rediscover what you own. You cannot take advantage of this opportunity, however, if you are stressed during the packing process. 

Waiting too long before you start packing puts a lot of pressure on you, it is physically and mentally exhausting, and it runs the risk of causing damage to your belongings. You and your possessions deserve better than this, which is why you’ll want to use these six tips for stress-free moving. 

Start Early and Use Self-Storage

If your plan is to move, then there is no reason to wait until you have found a new place to start packing. We all have items that are not essential for everyday living. Books, clothes, hobbies, pillows, for example, are all items that you have, but you don’t need to have out every day so you can start to pack up. 

Starting early will allow you to use the system you have devised and pack comfortably without stress. Packing doesn’t just include miscellaneous items, either. You can start to pack up furniture by either disassembling it or cushioning it for a storage unit you have found through StorageArea. The point is, by packing, and even storing your belongings in self-storage now, you can make the actually moving process a breeze when the time comes. 

Create a Packing System 

It’s not just packing early that you need to worry about. You also want to be able to easily find what you are looking for once you have moved and are ready to unpack. 

By creating a system ahead of time, you can pack everything in a way that makes it stress-free later on. This can be by theme or by room and then subdivided further to add order and clarity to the moving process. 

Whatever you choose, create a master list. This should be kept digital so that you can search for items using the search function and immediately know what item is in what box. This way, you can keep track even if the box is full of miscellaneous items. 

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Be Creative with Packing Materials 

Fragile items need additional packing to keep them secure, but you don’t need to pay for expensive packaging that you will use once. You can use scrap, go to your local grocery store and take their unused boxes, or even use things around your home. Clothes are a great way to pack fragile items on a budget, as they can be stuffed inside items to provide stability and wrapped around them to provide a cushion. 

You will also want to invest in a vacuum system so that soft items can be compressed into manageable sizes, and you can cut down on moving costs. 

Invest in Professional Movers 

The biggest reason to invest in professional movers over trying to move your home’s belongings on your own is that professional movers are insured. Other benefits, of course, include that you don’t have to hurt yourself, you can benefit from professionals handling heavy items, and you know that they will pack your belongings properly to limit movement during transit.  

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