10 exotic sight seeing spots in Nigeria

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The oil-rich state of Africa, Nigeria has become the best traveling spot not only for business concerns but also for leisure travelers who can have countless activities and a stunning backdrop to enjoy their holidays there. Remarkably wealthy in history, art and ethnicity, Nigeria with its renowned metropolises like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Kano, had made a distinction among other traveling ends. The swelling rivers, tremendous beaches, inimitable wildlife, rain forests, marvelous cascades, and spectacular weather conditions are the major key factors contributing to improving tourism towards this country.

Here are few of the exotic sight seeing spots in Nigeria:

  1. Azurnini Blue River: Located in Abia State, the river is known for its crystal-clear blue water, sandy beaches, and canoe rides
  2. Arochukwu: Houses the cave of the famous long JuJu oracle
  3. Yola Municipality: Known for its undulating topography of three sister hill chains
  4. Ibeno Beach in Akwa lbom State
  5. Ogbunike Cave: A wonder of nature Anambra State
  6. lgbo-Ukwu, an ancient town known for its bronze artifacts
  7. Yankari National Park: One of the most developed Wildlife park in Nigeria
  8. Wikki Warm Springs at Yankari National Park, prized for its warm water
  9. The Hills of Benue: Known for hills of various shades and tourist appeal
  10. Lake Chad for boating.

The aforementioned is only a partial list of the many sight seeing locations in Nigeria. Why miss the opportunity when you can avail cheap flights to Nigeria on airlines like Virgin Nigeria Airline.

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