10 Biggest Lotteries In The World And How You Can Play Them From India

There are many lotteries in the world. However, some are bigger than others. Here are the world’s 10 biggest lotteries. 

  1. US Mega Millions is among the favorites when it comes to lotteries. The main reason for this is because the jackpots are so large. For example, the largest win of the US Mega Millions was worth $656 million. This simple lottery game is open to players who are all over the world. 

2. The US Powerball has beat all others in terms of the amount of jackpot wins. The biggest win in history was $1.5 billion. At its lowest, the US Powerball jackpot is worth $20 million. The Power Player option can make the game even more lucrative. Though only U.S. citizens in 44 of the 50 states can play this game, it is always open to international players, including India. 

3. EuroJackpot is another of the largest lottery games in the world. The smallest jackpot amount is 10 million Euro. Its largest jackpot is worth 90 million Euro. One thing that EuroJackpot has going for it that other lotteries don’t is that it is more complex. In addition to its jackpot winnings, the game stands out from the competition because of its prize tiers. There are 11 of them that add more excitement to the game and make it a bigger risk that offers bigger rewards. 

4. The UK Lotto is extremely popular among players. Unlike other lotteries, this one does not require players to pay taxes on their winnings. Lump sums are granted to those who have won this lottery.

5. Another international lottery game you can play is Super Enalatto. The highest jackpot for this lottery was 177.7 million Euro. Its other claim to fame is that it has a built in optional pick that may get you a smaller prize if you lose out on the large jackpot. 

6. EuroMillions is also known for jackpots that are extremely large. The largest EuroMillions wins in history are $200 million (or 190 million Euro,)148 million Euro, and 161 million Euro. 

7. La Primativa has record history jackpots that players have won. Its largest ever was worth 100 million Euro. The smallest jackpot this game ever awards is still three million Euro. 

8. Mega Sena is Brazil’s most popular lottery game. The largest jackpot it has ever awarded was $135 million (43 million Euro.)The smallest jackpot it awards is one million Euro. 

9. South African Powerball has a high jackpot amount of $7 million (or 102 million R.) The next smallest jackpot it has awarded was 91million Euro.

10. El Gordo is a Spanish lottery held at Christmas. Its top prize amount is four million Euro. 

You can play Powerball at Lottoland Asia, as well as many of the world’s other top lotteries. All you have to do is sign up for an account and place your bets and you could be the winner of a huge jackpot. 

It may be enticing to think that buying more tickets means more chances to win, but this does not drastically increase your odds of winning. So there are really some lottery strategies that work sometimes. But you have to be lucky also.

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