Why Choose an Electronic Signature For the Enterprise?

Digital transformation plays an important role when it comes to the development of your enterprise. Therefore, most enterprises are digitalizing their processes to synchronize with the new trend. Signature collection can be an exhausting and time-consuming process for everyone, from single business owners to large organizations. As a result, as part of the digitalization process, we are currently seeing an increasing number of companies adopting electronic signatures. A small change, like an electronic signature, can prove powerful. Hours of work turn into minutes. Furthermore, there is no need to print, pay costly couriers, wait around, and fill all those documents.

The Fortune Business Insights notes in a report overview that, “Digital market growth is driven by the growing use of digital signatures to eliminate fraud, encourage technological innovations, and improve data integrity, scalability and transparency.” 

Benefits of electronic signatures for Enterprises

Electronic signature offers numerous benefits to enterprises such as security, customization, and integration. Let’s go over the main advantages:

Increase Business Workflows

Avoid the inevitable delay associated with paper documents. E-Signature integrations can speed up your business workflows. Electronic signatures enable faster signing between parties and reduce signer drop-off rates

Another essential advantage is adding an electronic signature to your company’s website. This way, you can streamline the entire workflow.

eSign Genie offers a full spectrum of APIs to automate the document sending and e-signature process. It allows you to integrate the electronic signature tool to your existing website or software. It features prebuilt integration with numerous CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot and PipeDrive, and document management systems like Google Drive and Box. All these integrations are built on the same powerful e-signature API that eSign Genie makes available to you.

Helps in Staying Organized

All enterprises are document-driven. Large companies need to be able to file, find, and store documents quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, many vital documents are misplaced more often than you imagine.

eSign Genie provides a centralized platform where you can submit and review all information at any time, from anywhere.

Also, eSign Genie has another useful productivity feature for enterprises. The bulk eSignature option allows users to send contracts to many recipients at once, thereby saving time and hassle.

Enhanced Security

One of the leading security principles of corporate workflow and document management systems is the need to keep all documents safe.

Electronic signatures are guarantors of the integrity of the data being sent.  Also, they assure the authenticity of the sender’s identity and irrefutable proof that the signatory is the original source of a document.

eSign Genie offers the following features that ensure your documents are safe. The following audit trails also serve as legal evidence if your business ever has to undergo scrutiny in the court.

  • Document Encryption: boasts a 256 bits encryption to protect all of your documents
  • Audit Trail: We have an audit trail which can be referred to, featuring an embedded time-stamp
  • Certified Completion: We can provide proof of the electronic signature with a certified completion document containing an IP address, location, and a time-stamp.


Legally Binding

Electronic signatures are legally binding and compliant in all U.S. States and E.U. Countries and most jurisdictions around the world.  Here are some common laws that make electronic signatures legally-binding: In the USA, there are two main laws the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (EUTA) and Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN).  While the European Union has the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (EU Regulation 910/2014/EC) compiling a complex set of rules that governs electronic trust services all over the European Union Member States.

Common Uses of Electronic Signature Software for Enterprises

You can successfully use electronic signature Software in many scenarios, including things like:

  • Sales order processing
  • New hire paperwork
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory sign-off
  • IT asset change or maintenance
  • Legal documentation such as crafting contracts, quotes, proposals, and even NDAs

To conclude, in the technology-driven age, electronic signature can break or make an enterprise as they have a significant impact on the modern business environment. 

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