When does your Inverter AC need repair?

Air conditioners are undoubtedly an important purchase for your household. The contribution of the device in fighting with the scorching heat of summer is tremendously high. However, after a certain period, your air conditioner requires maintenance.

Otherwise, it might not serve you efficiently. It is advisable to purchase the best inverter AC, in the first place. Nevertheless now the question that arrives is that how to find out when the device needs a repair.

Well, over time when air conditioners get weary, they tend to show several signs.

Therefore to help you out in finding out its need for repairing some of the most basic signs are mentioned below:

Warm Airflow

The most prime sign of a malfunctioned air conditioner is its blowing of warm air. If you notice that your AC is blowing out hot air, carefully check out its thermostat. If the device is not set on the cooling mood, make sure to enable it.

After that, fix the temperature of your air conditioner lower than your home temperature and wait for some minutes. If still it fails to cool your room, there must be some issue in its compressor. Therefore, blowing out of warm air is a sign that your air conditioner requires a refurbish.  


The next thing trait that highlights that it is time to mend your air conditioner is the presence of humidity in the room. No matter how hot and humid it is outside, your air conditioner’s task is to circulate fresh cool air by eliminating the existing humidity.

However, if you come across the fact that your air conditioner cannot balance the humidity level in your room, it might be a symptom of a faulty dehumidifier of your device. Therefore, to avoid further complicacy, look into the matter,probably it’s time for your AC service and repair right away.

Poor Airflow

Lack of perfect blowing of fresh cool air is another sign of a worn our air conditioner. Due to the blockage in air filter, broken filter or motor, your device can fail to work proficiently serving you with poor airflow.

If you leave the device in this condition, it might even worsen the internal system, resulting in a more damaged gadget. To avoid such circumstances, choose to renovate your air conditioner as soon as you find out the issue of insufficient airflow.

Water Leaking

Noticing water leakage from the air conditioner unit is another way of judging that your air conditioner has some underlying problems to fix. Generally, a line blockage in the condensation is responsible for leaking, freezing and even puddling.

Unless you repair the condensation in the first place, it might cause severe internal demurrage of the device eventually.

Regardless to mention, the leakage or freezing can also occur as a trait of Freon Leal, which in term appears to be threatening for both humans and pets. Thus, the issue concerning the excess water leaking around the device needs a quick diagnosing as well as repairing.

Irritating Noise

When you bring home a new AC in India, it serves you with smooth noiseless operation. Thus, if after a few years, you mark an unusual sound of buzzing or squealing coming out from your device, unquestionably it requires a repair.

Usually owing to a loosened component of an air conditioner leads the device in making weird noises while operation.Upon tightening or cleaning of any part of your troubled air conditioner might prevent it from making noises.

Moreover, it is worth considering the odd sound of an air conditioner is the earliest symptoms of its falling. Unless you catch it early, you would need to spend a lot of pennies in its maintenance in the future.

Unpleasant Odor

Often when an air-condition fails, it releases an unpleasant, musty odor while cooling the room. It is because of the formation of mold in the ductwork of the device.

Besides, dirty cooling coils and congested condensate drain can also result in bad odor. Hence, if you sense anything like that, contact a technician for analysis.

Hopefully, all these aspects will help you to know when you actually need to repair your AC.

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