Virgo Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Those who are single may not fancy an amorous relationship with someone of the opposite gender staying in the vicinity. You may remain pressured with regards to your profession, due to the heavy workload. You may not have any time to form any new bonds for the time being. But, you may get to spend a lovely time with your family. There are no familial problems that may cause any sort of distress. Some new friendly ties might blossom. But, be careful while developing a unique relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Do not fantasize about intimate moments with your partner. Married people need to dodge any quarrels at all costs and need to take care to secure love and compatibility in their marital life.

Education and Knowledge

Students pursuing their graduation would want to seek a professional course together, and start making money. They may not delve into academics too much, and this may show on their scores. This is why, it is important for students to graduate first, and then hunt for prospective job opportunities to earn a good amount. Students who stay focused over prolonged hours are bound to make big progress. Students pursuing post-graduation or doctorate courses might discover something part-time to do, to earn extra cash. This may aid them to take care of overhead costs, and also leave them with a little additional pocket money.


Take caution during this time, as planetary movements seem to show that you might be prone to falling sick. Beware of any viral infections, and take careful measures to protect yourself against them. Do not overlook even the most trivial symptoms, and treat them quickly with prompt medical action, to stop any nagging health problems. You may get physically injured too, so you must take care in that regard. Try going for a long walk in the day or in the evening, to revive your mind and stay physically fit.

Money and Finances

During this week, Venus connects finance with Virgo. The planet influences favorably for Virgo and works well to boost your flow of income. Thanks to the power of Mars and Saturn over the 12th house, you may tend to spend money carelessly. Try and keep a strict budget to check on aimless costs. All in all, you may be in a suitable position on the financial front, without much to bother about. Just be a little more mindful of your requirements, and try not to be an impelling spendthrift.

Career and Business

During this week, Mercury rules the Virgo sign, and it holds a strong portfolio of the tenth house for Virgo. Mercury seems to be gradually transitioning into the seventh house. Thus, you have to be consistent in your profession, so the trajectory of your progress graph moves up. Businessmen may encounter competition here, and they may need to reduce their profit margins to face their competition. Career-oriented people may find themselves under duress. Don’t fret. Just work a few additional hours, and your position may be stable. During this period, positive energies may work towards your service.

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