Virgo Weekly Horoscope 26th April – 2nd May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles who are in love may face marital demand from their partners. However, it may be sensible not to marry soon, thanks to some disadvantageous situation. The partner pressing for marriage might not see your point of view. Tackle this trade carefully, and tactfully. Salaried employees may need to drop all animosities against their colleagues at work, and maintain an amicable relationship with them. There may be a high possibility that you might get into some tech issues in the office. Don’t worry, as your co-workers may pull you out of it.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are seeking graduation or professional diploma courses may remain attentive and focused. Their focus may be at its zenith, even when they burn the midnight oil. Their teachers and mentors may give them amazing tips, which may help them understand and grasp tough concepts with ease. This may help them immensely with their focus and concentration and may also serve as a memory booster and a stress buster. Students need to review their syllabus daily and may score amazing marks in their examinations, which might surprise one and all.


During this week, your aim may be to read any sign of trouble that your body might give. There might be the likelihood of facing a significant health issue during this time. If you feel the slightest discomfort, head to your family physician, or to a specialized doctor. This may be a preventive measure, to safeguard from any future complications. Light exercises in the morning may help you remain fit, fine, and energetic. Middle-aged people and above, should not delay visiting the doctor if old ailments persist. Regular and comprehensive body check-ups may help keep things under control.

Money and Finances

For this week, Virgo may have a stable and strong money position. You may be emphatically influenced by planetary movements during this period, thereby considerably increasing the possibility of financial gain. The influence of Saturn and Mars in the twelfth house is related mainly to costs and losses. Mars and Saturn might directly affect your twelfth house. Don’t be shocked if your expenses increase day-by-day. During this time, avoid unnecessary expenditures, and save money whenever possible. Money saved today may ensure a brighter future tomorrow.

Career and Business

During this period, businessmen may be able to strike a profitable deal with supposed customers. Businessmen may need to focus on the quality of their goods and adhere to timely deliveries as well. Businessmen may do well to explore unknown territories to further their sales. Salaried employees may need to stay committed to their work, no matter how tough it seems. They need to constantly work hard to increase their efficiency. Salaried employees may also get better-paying jobs with faster career growth opportunities. Planetary positions may support you if you decide to use such an event.

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