Virgo Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

There is a likelihood that singles may be pressurized by their lovers for marriage. The only way to enjoy the happiness of physical intimacy unrestrictedly is by marriage! Think about every aspect before tying the knot. The environment within the family will be happy and comfortable. Your highest preference will be to preserve this friendly atmosphere within the family. New relations and equations are seen emerging. Stay away from addicts and personalities who have an unfavorable nature. Salaried employees will have great tuning with their colleagues. Exercise caution while choosing a friend from the opposite sex.

Education and Knowledge

Students may not be able to dedicate a lot of quality time to their studies. Those pursuing graduation or professional diploma courses will remain busy managing an inopportune situation. This may have an unfavorable effect upon their results. Those who wish to pursue higher education overseas will be victorious. Even in trying times, students will need to preserve their consistency and concentration. Constant meditation will keep them absolutely motivated and de-stressed. Although this week is slightly on the more rigid side, students are to remember that this is only a temporary phase.


As far as your health is involved, precaution should be your aim during this week. You may be bothered again by illnesses that you had in the past. The second you feel that something is wrong with your body, rush to a physician. Do not hesitate. As such, the problem is not a major one, but if neglected, it can have major implications in the future. Be careful with your eyes, particularly your right eye. If you encounter any discomfort with your right eye, visit an ophthalmologist quickly. Drive your vehicle very carefully. Injury in the lower body is also a probability.

Money and Finances

Overall, your financial situation will remain comfortable. The planetary movement symbolizes that your personal responsibilities are to increase. You may incur some major costs unexpectedly. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned. New roads of financial inflow shall soon open up. Learn to differentiate between wasting money for unnecessary apparatus and investing money for the correct things. If you keep a tight leash over undesired expenses, your economic situation will remain perfect.

Career and Business

Currently, Venus is moving through the tenth house. Now it is time to arrange things and work methodically. Be prepared to work smart. Planetary influences are arbitrarily by your side. Salaried employees will need to admit changes and take up new challenges. Not doing so will leave them feeling hesitant about their position in the company. Smart businessmen will be victorious during this week. Plan your approach before entering into new markets. Expect powerful competition. Reducing your profit margins will be a decent idea for the extension of a business.

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