Varying Colours of Sands- Travel Guide to Goa

Splendid sandy shores, influencing coconut trees, historic structural building and turquoise blue seas. One name that pops straight up on listening to these words is beyond question Goa, the spot where there are open doors and happiness.

Set in the westernmost shore of India, this little state has such an extensive sum of relaxing places to offer. It is more like a one-stop solution for all things ‘Fun’. There have been such diversity in Goa, from the minimal plain shacks to the top-end multinational chains of 5 star properties that spell faultlessness, yet one thing proceeds as before notwithstanding, and that is the way that Goa is your perfect weekend getaway.

Goa has an enthusiastic and particularly animating history, from the Mauryan Tradition to the Portuguese invasion; they have all had a tonnes of impact on Goa. Their obscure effects are recognizable at every safehouse and corner; for sure it is easier to say that they are all over town. You will find different hideaways; marvelous sanctuaries and sunny shores, making it seem unmissable. In case you intend to visit Goa soon, pack your bikinis.

Attractions in Goa:

1. Calangute Beach: Waves and Booze

Meet people from all over the world at the largest and busiest Calangute beach in North Goa. Calangute beach in Goa offers long coastline with the bewitching view of the sea. The dotted shacks, restaurants, clubs and shopping areas around this beach make it on the top priority list of the visitors. Encircled by palm and coconut trees, the beach is spread four miles along the Arabian Sea. So, don’t forget to chill at ‘queen of beaches’- Calangute beach.

2. Tivai Vaddo Beach: Essence of Love

Not everybody knows about Tivai Vaddo beach, but all those who visit this beach falls in love with it. This immaculate beach is filled with pristine sights, serenity, and tranquility. You can also enjoy delicious seafood and a variety of Goan dishes available at reasonable prices from numerous beach shacks here. Ritz Cafe is one of my favorite shacks there. In the 6 days, we spent here; we had most of our meals here. This beach is perfect for a peaceful dip, walk or just simply staring at the sea.

3. Meet Sunset and Trance at Curlies

Get the perfect combination of eclectic menu, beachfront location and of course chilled-cocktails at Curlies, one of the original shacks on Anjuna Beach. Indulge in deep senses; lose yourselves in the moment, like you own it! Yes, be ready to feel the beat like never before! Do not miss your chance to blow it off!

4. Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife sanctuaries of Goa are great delight for the wildlife enthusiasts. Travel deep inside the jungles to spot numerous exotic fauna and avian species. Some popular wildlife sanctuaries of Goa are Bondla wildlife sanctuary, Salim Ali bird sanctuary, Catigao wildlife sanctuary, Mollem national park, Sacred groves and many more.

5. Forts

Another worth seeing attractions in Goa are its colossal forts. Theses forts were built by Mughal and Portuguese invaders, who ruled the state in past centuries before being defeated by the rising Indian Nationalism. The age old forts are rich heritage of Goa and narrates the sad stories of past and offers breathtaking views of beaches. Some of the popular forts of Goa includes Chapora fort, Fort Aguda, Mormugao fort, Tiracol fort and many more.

The greatest aspect of traveling is that it gives you an ability to witness all the things in a kind of foreshortened timeline. You get to meet a better version of “You” every time you start your journey! Your perspective on things start changing and you become an obtrusive person, for good. And that’s how traveling makes you ponder, wonder and squander!

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