This Young Tech Entrepreneur is Changing the Edu-Tech landscape in India


Today, the technology has reached in every corner and children have become an integral part of it. Unlike every stereotypical tale, this story is about a passionate kid from Udaipur, Rajasthan who runs his own company and don’t guess his age, you might be totally wrong.

Deependra Singh is merely 16 years old young entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of Cropnew. An inspiration to millions, he has given a tale to tell to all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there in India.

Deependra was born on April 27, 2003 in a middle-class family of village Badnore in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. His father, Bhawani Singh, is a truck driver and mother, Prem Kanwar, a housewife.

He studied his HDC from government school, but he hasn’t been in any reputed Business school to get trained for any particular courses. From his mother’s suggestions and Google search engine, he has reached today at a spectacular stage of life that every Indian youth wants to be him.

Cropnew is a Udaipur, Rajsthan based Technology Company founded by Deependra Singh and Chandani Rathore. Cropnew’s Subsidiary Cropnew Stal is a Sportswear brand. Cropnew Stal manufacture T-shirts, Shoes in India. But currently the major focus is on trendy T-shirts.

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