Things Every New Blogger Needs to Do in 2020

As the world moves towards a more competitive scenario in every sphere of life, it is never easy for people to start any new venture. As internet access has become more rampant across the world, blogging is one such avenue which has started attracting a lot of attention. There are a lot of aspiring bloggers who want to make it big on this virtual world. But as the number of internet users and bloggers increase in number, the competition does too. Blogging in the year 2020 is quite a complex task and requires a lot of attention. Assuming that you’ve identified your blogging niche(topic), below are some useful recommendations about things that every blogger who is making a start should do, especially in 2020-

  • A Professional WordPress Website- Most aspiring bloggers who do not have any idea about how blogging works generally fail to find a useful platform through which they can start their blog. Most professional bloggers in the world prefer WordPress as a blogging platform over any other website. It is a very easy to use platform that not only is extremely easy to set up but also provides you with a lot of themes and plugins to make your life as a blogger really easy. If you are serious about blogging, buy a paid theme and use it on your blog. Find important plugins related to comment moderation, image optimization & SEO and install them in your blog.
  • High Internet Speed- Even though internet connectivity has increased, internet speeds have not. It is important for a blogger to have unprecedented internet speeds with which he or she can complete their important tasks such as researching about new topics, finding out about the latest trends in their blogging niche, uploading content on their blogs, etc. The best way to get such high speeds is through Remote Desktop Protocol, or RDP. With RDP, you can access a remotely located PC which has a lightning fast internet speed. With that PC one will be able to do all their tasks at a blistering pace. You can buy cheap dedicated server at very good prices and finish your tasks quickly.
  • Social Media Presence- Social Media is probably the best way for every blogger to promote their blog. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a ready made audience, all waiting there to be served with useful and interesting information. A smart blogger would always make a social media page/account and try to build an audience steadily. One should not only promote their written articles on blogs but also other interesting things such as memes, latest news regarding important things such as the novel coronavirus, some positive news, etc. This way, even when you are not writing any articles, people are still interacting with you in one way or the other.
  • Knowledge About Competitors- As talked about above, the competition in blogging is fierce. But if you are a smart about your work, you will be able to rise above the competition and make it big. For that you must have the proper knowledge about your already established competitors. Look for the best possible blogs on the internet that write posts about the niche you are blogging about, and observe them. Carefully analyze their posts, their style of writing, their key areas of focus in a particular article and most importantly, their keywords. Try and notice their pattern of posting and use that in your blogs. Create better content than what your competition is trying to create and promote it in specific circles so that you can beat your competitors.
  • In-depth Knowledge of Any Blog Topic- Understand this, when you create a blog on a specific niche, it would be people like you who are already interested in this topic that would be reading your posts, not newbies. So when you think about creating new content for your blog, keep in mind for whom are you creating it. Mostly, it is going to be the people already interested in that specific topic which you’re blogging about and not the new ones. You can also create blog posts for new people, but chances are that they would not work as well as the ones which talk in depth about specifics within a vast topic in which many already interested people show viewership.

As one starts their journey towards being a successful blogger, the most important advice that one could give is about being consistent and persistent. Writing articles consistently is the main ingredient which many bloggers often forget. Also, being persistent with the efforts that go in promotion of an article and its SEO is equally important. Just like any other field, even in blogging, the results are never instant. The main thing is that you do not lost any hope even when you don’t see results, keep writing and keep promoting your blog in the best way possible.

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