The Subtle Art of Article Marketing

Writing is the act of recording language on a visual medium using a set of symbols. The symbols must be known to others, so that the text may be read. A text may also use other visual systems, such as illustrations and decorations. These are not called writing, but may help the message work.

Simply put, writing is an underestimated art.

Many stuffs you do are described as being both a skill and an art. For example, practicing the art of medicine; learning the martial arts; mastering the art of conversation; or enjoying the art of fine wine-making. One connotation of this turn-of-phrase implies that although the skill may be learned in a relatively short period of time, the art may take years, or even a lifetime, to master.

The same could be said of the “Art of Article Marketing”. True, you don’t often hear that reference thes edays, but think about it: The average person can typically learn the basic skill of writing, submitting and utilizing articles in their marketing efforts in a fairly short period of time (granted, some take longer than others). However, the art of article marketing may take years to master.

So what’s the point?

The point is that the only way you will ever be truly successful at one of these “arts” is to practice, practice, practice. In the case of article marketing, that means:

  • Increasing your knowledge base to truly become an expert in your chosen niche(s).
  • Writing fresh and original articles on a frequent, consistent basis.
  • Learning everything you can from the god of present, the internet.
  • Utilizing all of the tools available to increase your articles’ exposure.
  • Tracking your results to constantly improve your best practices.

Using articles to market your service is a skill, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s a skill that can be learned in a relatively short amount of time. Using content marketing tips above to drive tonnes of traffic to your site — now that is an art.

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