The Power of PR and Online Business by Mark Stephen Pooler


In these uncertain times, having a presence online is not only a way to grow your business but it’s a way to connect when we all feel isolated.

The last few weeks have been crazy with virtually the whole world in lock down and quarantine. At first it was hard to see how severe this situation was even with the news reports because we have never experienced something like this in our lifetime. It almost doesn’t seem real, until it affects someone you know or your job becomes in jeopardy.  Now more than ever, reinventing ourselves and having an online business and utilizing PR to promote your business has never been so important.

You can look at it as… out with the old and in with the new!

A new way of doing business, a fresh new perspective on the needs of your clients and customers and a new opportunity to connect and inspire others with your amazing talents!

It’s so easy to go through life not truly happy not truly living the life you want!! Whatever dreams you have for your future NOW is a great time to visit those goals and start making tiny steps or BIG ones. There is no better time than now this present moment. Use this quiet time to reflect review and plan. I promise you a better future is on its way. 

Today, a PR expert like Mark Pooler is very fortunate to be living his life on purpose, he went through a lot of adversity and he recently retired from hairdressing and built a full time business online, even managed to get savings and investments. He is proud to say he lives his life on his own terms now!

Being in the PR business and  working with very high profile clients, winning multiple awards and appearing in the media, world press and radio, he has been able to learn about how creative people are and how leveraging your talents and being more visible online in the Press has never been a more valuable way of expanding and connecting! He also wrote a book called Step into your Brilliance because he wanted to share his talents and help others learn to see that they have the power to change their circumstances and create the life they want!

What he sees is business owners being more creative and innovative, being more open and visible online and focusing on the future and not being stuck in the present outside circumstances.  

He is so excited to be able to offer this to his clients and be a part of their journey!

He feels lucky and blessed to have built his business online and lots of his work has not changed apart from speaking engagements and live events. It is great to see people doing online and virtual events and using the power of PR to promote them! Now more than ever this is a time for change, innovation and connection and using PR to promote your new services and position you as an industry leader is crucial in prevailing in this uncertain world.  It is important to focus forwards and not live in fear even when the threat is very real. Also, that now more than ever we should stay motivated and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

“There is no such thing as the END… in every end there is a new beginning! So let me help you use this time in a positive way and not get caught up in FEAR”, says Mark!

If you are a business owner who needs any support to get more visible online, he would love to serve you!

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