The Best Contemporary Jewellery Designs Today at Affordable Prices


Jewellery shopping in Hyderabad, India brings to mind crowded gold shops on one hand and street hawkers on the other. What I was looking for, was classy contemporary jewellery without having to invest a fortune on gold. Hunting around the city for exactly what I wanted made me feel like Retail Therapy was becoming a punishment. Malls and exclusive outlets had the same old designs with nothing new to offer. There was no way I was going to wear something ten other people around me had. Exclusivity is impossible to achieve in the era of fast fashion. That’s when my friend came to my rescue, she had a surprise in store for me.

Wading through throngs of crowds and waging a battle against the never ending traffic finally landed me at my oasis. Havya Jewels was like an angel for me. Their store had almost every popular jewellery designer that one could think of. Carefully curated pieces ensured that my purchase from the store would remain one of my most prized possessions. The store had a luxurious vibe to it with designs ranging from purely traditional, to contemporary and eclectic. Being in Hyderabad, India, you can never ignore the famous Pearls from the City of the Nawabs. Joules by Radhika, Runway Hit, Skedio, Deepa Gurnani, and many such designers from all over the world have showcased their collections in the store, which made it so convenient for me to go through all the designer pieces and choose the one I exactly wanted.

With the soaring gold prices, everyone is looking for alternatives today that suit the occasion without being expensive. Brides are now leaning towards gold plated jewellery to match every outfit instead of buying just one set of jewels to wear on every occasion. The rising population of Indian Upper Middle Class has now opened up to accepting designer apparel and jewellery into their daily lives. Havya Jewels has established their jewellery boutique at the perfect time for fulfilling the demand of designer accessories in the market and you can shop for their authentic products on their e-commerce site.

Traditional temple jewellery is what every Indian bride wants in her trousseau, but you need not be a bride to be able to wear the gold plated jewellery that the store has on display. There is a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary that Havya has been able to achieve. They have a large variety of semi-precious stone necklaces with the details about which stone is it and what material has been used to make the piece of jewellery. Never have I ever seen so much knowledge of semi-precious stones in a seller. The designer contemporary jewellery by brands like Bay Leaf Accessories and Mithali Jain were out of this world. Refreshingly new designs of neckpieces and earrings studded with different types of stones and crystals were available for purchase. Another collection that attracted me was from Zohra with all the pieces inspired by the fauna. The sea horse earring was the show stopper! Neckpieces, Earrings, Earcuffs, Bangles, Bracelets, Jhumkis, Matha Patti, Kamarpatta; You name it, they have it. 

While talking to the girl who was helping me, I found out that she was actually the owner of the store. Viseshini Reddy, a Computer Science Engineer turned Entrepreneur had found that her calling was not a corporate career but Design. That being said, she did not leave her Alma Mater behind and has designed the complete software that the store runs on, herself. Talk about Girls Who Code! Having someone of my age and generation, helping me through the purchase made it all the more fun, I could try out all the pieces I wanted to and she gave me styling tips to go with it. The staff was super helpful in making me understand exactly what I was buying and were able to understand my requirements which just made the shopping experience delightful. I returned home, happy and satisfied with my shopping and made a mental note to visit again soon!

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