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Who doesn’t like to listen to music. We are all more or less interested in listening to music. What kind of music would you like to learn? One thing is quite noticeable that people are quite interested in Indian songs.

Indian music is without a doubt the best that can be said and different music is practiced in different states of India. Telugu mp3 song is such a music. This music is also in great demand among the people. Telugu mp3 songs are very popular especially among the people of India. However, despite being popular, these songs are usually not available on all websites, which results in people having trouble downloading them.

But no more worries because here we will introduce you to some websites from where you can download telugu mp3 songs without any problem. So let’s get started with it.


First of all let us introduce you to Teluguwap it is a Telugu all music collection site where you will find a huge collection of telugu mp3 songs. You can download Telugu songs from 91 new albums here, most notably Love 91, Lakshmi Durga, Chengalva Pundha, Atma Bandham, Amma Rajneema and many more. You can also download some old classic songs from here for free, most notably Ainaki Iddaru, Alluda Mazaka, Bajram, Apradhi, Asha Asha Asha, Lingbabu Love Story etc.

The full form of this site is Music IndiaOnline (MIO). The primary purpose of this website is to provide listeners with unlimited Telugu songs. Any user can register for any account on this website. You will be able to enjoy unlimited collection of Indian regional songs from here.

Not only Telugu mp3 songs but also other types of music you can listen to from here like Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam etc. You can choose any. This is one of the best sites from which you can get the best benefits.

This site is specially made for downloading Telugu songs. Sensong MPNT delivers all southern songs from Tamil and Telugu. It also provides the facility to search music in alphabetical order with the provided AutoZ Telugu songs.

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On the main pages, you will find a list of Telugu songs with movie names and posters. You can also know the trending songs of Telugu from the bar on the right. One great thing about this site is that it allows you to download Telugu zip of all songs from specific movies.

Apart from these, there are many other sites from where you can download Telugu mp3 songs. Another notable site is”. You can also download good Telugu songs from this site.


You can convert mp3 songs as well using this mp3 converter.

Final Thoughts:

Now almost all the people in the world have mobile and internet connection. People no longer have to rely on radio. People are now able to do anything they want through the internet.

The main purpose of this article was to introduce people to some well-known websites for downloading Telugu mp3 songs. Most of the sites listed above offer free downloads. We hope you enjoy the best service from these sites.

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