Taurus Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Those who are single could exhibit an affinity towards developing a romantic bond with a long-time companion of the opposite gender. These amorous advances from singles may get a positive acknowledgment from the people they’re meant for. Love birds may experience a delightful and unforgettable time together. During this time, it is recommended for employees to have a gracious and closely interactive relationship with their co-workers for their own gain. When a sticky situation comes by, these very colleagues may stand by you and assist you to solve problems. You may have a jolly time with your family. There are no obstructions to those in a solid and significant relationship. Fairly, you may have a relaxing and amazing time with your close companions.

Education and Knowledge

During this time, the planetary shift shows that students pursuing primary learning and graduation need to establish more focus and concentration in their studies. Learners need to put in more man-hours, remember well and do complete revisions to be victorious. Students pursuing post-graduation programs or doctorate degrees may hold a part-time job, just to earn some funds to pay their fees and have some spending cash. Most importantly, students must remain alert regarding their education at all costs.


During this time, some occupation-related pressure might transpire. Do not let this work-related tension affect your well-being at any cost. Take some time out to heal and revive. Try performing some light exercises or go outside for a walk, to stimulate your mind and remain fit to work tirelessly. Respiratory problems may be a problem. Visit your doctor who may provide you medicines to overcome illnesses. Stay away from heavily polluted areas. There may be a possibility of getting wounded. Ensure you take sufficient precautions, where this is concerned.

Money and Finances

During this time, the planet Mercury rules the second house associated with finance and this week, it looks to join with the water zodiac Pisces. This week sees both planets advance into the eleventh house. This is great news for you, as it symbolizes massive monetary profits. Mercury may be weakened during this time, which means that you need to put in more work in managing money matters with extreme care. Some minor monetary gains may raise your spirits. You may manage regular and accidental expenses efficiently.

Career and Business

Businessmen and entrepreneurs may be occupied reaching out to high net worth clients, to expand sales. Businessmen in production may do well to plan forward synthesis for improving their output. They need to examine unknown territory if they are to increase sales. They need to take exceptional care. Those working jobs may see themselves pressurized due to continuous micromanaging by managers and superiors, to enhance their execution and accelerate things up. But, worry not, as progressive energies are striving efficiently, and some big break might be coming for you soon.

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