Taurus Weekly Horoscope 26th April – 2nd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles may be on a purpose to find their soulmate. They might meet someone like-minded. There may be a powerful chance of friendship which may slowly develop into affection. The love and desire for real intimacy may be strong and mutual. Current planetary conditions may seem to be in your inclination during this period. Your relationship may be more than just physical. It may be refined and even elegant and encouraging on various levels. Your partner may spur you to reach new heights, and examine more career options. Salaried workers may do well to maintain a welcoming relationship with their co-workers.

Education and Knowledge

Students seeking graduation or professional diploma courses may need to ward off disturbances to focus solely on their studies. Even though they put in their most vigorous efforts, students may not be able to maintain a coveted level of concentration. Students may need to prepare short notes in study topics. This may ensure that they are not overloaded during their final exams. This practice may also improve their power of learning. Regular meditation may also help students retain focus and concentration. Students who wish to go overseas for higher education may avail of admissions to the colleges and universities of their choosing. During this period, planetary powers may support them in their efforts.


Be careful, as a trivial respiratory illness may bother you during the week. Try not to stay in overcrowded areas for too long. Stay in well-ventilated areas, whenever feasible, and evade pollution. If you encounter breathing problems, visit a doctor quickly, and do not shy away from medications. Beware as there may be insignificant issues with your digestive system. Try to stay away from street-side junk food at all cost, and stick with healthy and nutritious meals. Try eating dinner as early as possible. Try going for a morning walk to a nearby field. Some moderate exercises in the morning may help. This may help you feel dynamic throughout the day. Take care not to get wounded unexpectedly.

Money and finances

During this period, the second house is linked with finance, which is being ruled by Mercury. Mercury is seen in the passage from the Aries sign to Taurus through the twelfth house. During this period, you may do well to not take needless risks. Try and avoid unfair practices or alternatives to earning a quick buck. Such things usually end up in failure. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, transits through Gemini and passes through the second house. This may guarantee that your financial situation may persist in top-notch condition. Assure you have a secure monetary provision, so you can take care of any unforeseen expenses that might occur.

Career and Business

During this period, what may work for businessmen is outlining, hard work and a systematic approach. Businessmen may need to keep stirring the bag and developing new contacts, in a bid to boost their sales. Manufacturers may need to embrace a continuous synthesis policy to improve their product’s market share. You may need to plan your moves, just like in a game of chess. Salaried employees may rest under continual stress from their bosses. They may need to get more efficient and increase their output. They may also need to fulfill all specified tasks within the designated time.

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