Taurus Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

A great week for bachelors as this week might be a great time to fall in love officially. There may be a strong likelihood of cultivating a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. If things go according to your preferences, you might even encounter some intimate moments with your loved one. A great time for enthusiasts in general. The family may encounter a kind and glad atmosphere back at home. People in steady relationships may need to be concerned about their opinions and maybe wary of being judgemental about their spouse. Being a conventional listener and hearing out your partner’s point of view may go a long way in connecting your relationship. Salaried employees may support a friendly relationship with their colleagues at work.

Education and Knowledge

During this week, students may struggle to retain their focus, as their mind may shift towards anywhere but mainstream academics. Students during this period may do well to adopt a methodical approach and give each subject an equal amount of time. If they do not, for some reason, they might encounter a sharp drop in their results. Students who are pursuing post-graduation or doctorate degrees may do well to find part-time assignments or jobs to meet their financial needs. That way, they may be able to spend on their education, as well as their daily duties. Students pursuing post-graduate studies may be able to up their performance game.


Beware of any minor respiratory issues that you might face during the week. If you face any healthcare scare or breathing issue, do not hesitate to visit the doctor directly. As breathing disorders might be the order of the week for you, stay away from highly polluted places. Try staying away from junk food and unfiltered water. Doing so might eliminate all possibility of any viral infections. Take care and safeguard yourself, as an unexpected injury might occur, thanks to the slight negative influence of Mars. In order to stay fit and wholesome, try and inculcate the habit of a morning walk and light cardiovascular exercises. Doing so may ensure that you don’t get tired after a whole day at work.

Money and Finances

This time may not be a great one when it comes to finances. However, there are a few steps you could take in order to reduce complications. You may need to realize that there is a very fine line between necessary and extravagant expenses. Avoid the latter at all costs. This may be a flat week for you financially, as there may be no major financial gains required during this period. You may adopt a mantra for the week, i.e ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’. Any effort to save money during this period for the future may be well worth it. If you keep the money as your top priority, your financial position may be comfortable.

Career and Business

Industrialists and manufacturers may want to increase the market share of their own products during this period. Backward alliance may lead them to success. Salaried employees may need to watch out, as they may be closely observed by their superiors at work. These employees may need to pull up their socks and put in their best to ensure performance and may need to follow their superior’s directives for a good show. Do not worry, even if this period might make you sad and insecure about your future place in the company. Those who are part of teams may accomplish the hardest of goals.

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