Strategies for Managing Multiple Projects at Once

Effectively managing multiple projects is not a child’s play. Juggling a number of projects requires the top-notch skills of a project manager. But, more importantly, you need to employ the right set of strategic approaches that can help you to overcome hitches in diverse projects. In the competitive business landscape, project managers are expected to work on numerous projects at once. 

It might seem like a herculean task to handle managing multiple projects and activities at ones, within a specified amount of time by using using best project management software and following a few strategies and following a few strategies, you can efficiently manage various projects without compromising the project outcome. 

Listed below are a few strategic techniques that can help you to master the art of managing multiple projects simultaneously. 

  • Planning in advance

Proper planning is extremely critical when it comes to project management. And if you are working on numerous projects, you need to make sure that you plan way in advance. Planning beforehand will basically help you to define goals, expectations, and responsibilities right at the beginning. In fact, you will be able to identify the core areas that might require special attention while managing multiple projects.

One of the most common issues that project managers face while managing multiple projects relates to project inconsistencies. The lack of uniformity in processes and project deliverables can act as a bottleneck when it comes to handling many projects. You can address this issue by planning the projects in advance. 

  • Communication is extremely important

Whether you are working on a single project or numerous projects, communication plays an important role. In fact, a transparent and effective communication model can influence how effectively and efficiently you are able to perform as a project manager. Communication will act as an integral tool that you can use to keep your project teams motivated. 

When your hands are full because of managing multiple projects, it is natural to get stressed and make some errors. Hence, you need to make sure that you are maintaining constant contact along with the team members who are working on similar projects with you. Engaging with project members will definitely make it easier for you to juggle multiple projects. 

  • Reach daily milestones

A project involves a series of activities and tasks. Thus, when you are working on multiple projects, it is natural that all the tasks you have to do will also get multiplied. If you keep things for the last minute while handling projects, the situation can get extremely tense and stressful. So make it a point to accomplish the project tasks on a day to day basis. Adopting such a strategic approach while managing multiple projects will ensure that you have proper control over actionable project items. 

  • Use technology

In the technology-driven era, you can integrate digitized tools while managing multiple projects. Using innovative applications and software can be an effective strategy that will act as your ultimate life-saver. By making use of project management software, you will be able to keep track of all the projects systematically and practically. For instance, you, along with your project team, can have a better idea about the scheduling of project activities. Apart from this, using the software while handling numerous projects can enhance the level of transparency in the project setting.

These innovative tools will also enable you to generate weekly and monthly project reports. You could use these reports to get a detailed overview of your project team’s progress. Thus integrating automated solutions will empower you as a project manager. 

  • Prioritization of important tasks is necessary

To manage multiple projects that have been assigned to you, one of the basic strategies is to know your priorities. If you lack the fundamental knowledge relating to what you should do first, you might fail to manage your projects efficiently. You need to identify the projects or the specific tasks that require urgent attention. 

You must keep in mind that each project might have different priorities. Make sure to involve your team throughout the prioritization process. It will ensure that they also have an idea about the things that are important and require urgent attention. This is an essential strategy that many project managers fail to do, which adversely affects their ability to manage several projects at once.  

  • Accountability of member of the project

Project management is not the responsibility of a single individual. In order to accomplish the desired outcome of a project, all the project members must be responsible for their specific functions. So, make sure to set the expectations from the starting so that the members involved in the project can act in an accountable manner.

Setting the exact expectations from each and every member of the project will ensure that they are under a single roof. In fact, such a strategic approach would ensure that all the members know what is expected of them. 

  • Delegation is important

Many project managers really find it difficult to delegate tasks to project members. you can use task management tools, in case you are also uncomfortable managing it manually. It is high time to work on it and understand that it can act as an effective strategy while managing multiple projects. 

When the delegation strategy is effectively implemented, a project manager will be able to split up the project team’s effort in a productive manner. In fact, such a strategic approach can help you to make sure that the project activities can be carried out efficiently and effectively. 

  • Keeping a real-time update of project performance 

While managing multiple projects, it is pretty obvious to lose track of the projects that might not seem to be important as compared to others. One of the most effective strategies is to keep a regular track on the status of all the projects you are involved in. Keeping track of multiple projects will help you to get a bird’s view of the projects that you are responsible for. In case you are struggling in a particular project, you will be able to identify the same and take corrective measures in a timely manner. 


The strategies that have been highlighted above are very simple and easy to use. These approaches will transform how you and your project team operate in the prevailing business climate. You can implement these simple strategic approaches if you wish to take your project management to a higher level. Your performance as a project manager will improve, and you can accomplish project results in a smart and tactful manner. 

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