Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Single people may randomly meet a childhood friend of the opposite sex, at a party. Both may be excited about seeing each other. There could be obstacles though when it comes to taking the association to the next level. There might be some trivial family problems that might cause you distress. You must not increase things during this time, and overtly assert yourself. Try and fix broken bridges, and make a few compromises to harbor love and harmony in the family. Expect a novel and friendly relationship to arise at this time. Take caution to not lean too much on the person. Be mindful, in the early stages of your relationship.

Education and Knowledge

During this week, the planetary shift shows that students pursuing graduation need to be confined to learning new things, so they may make adequate progress. Students need to be rightfully focused, and stay away from distractions so they can put in the additional effort to retain effectively. Students wanting to go for higher education at universities abroad may have a favorable bounce. This is just the appropriate time for them to go overseas and fulfill their goals.


When it comes to fitness and wellness, this is a beneficial time, as there is no health problem in the upcoming week, so you may be as vigorous as always. Do some light exercises constantly so you stay fit and strong. If you are middle-aged and beyond, you need to be concerned about your old health ailments. If blood pressure changes are troubling you, take a check to keep a tab on any variations. Lessen your salt consumption, to manage all your important parameters.

Money and Finances

During this time, Jupiter moves in its sign of debilitation, the earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter is associated with finance and transitions into the third house along with the malefic Ketu. For you, the result means that you must take well-calculated chances. Take into account all your expenses. List and write them into a final budget. There may be new hurdles, but don’t worry. These may boost your income flow. There may be no meaningful expense to be tackled here. If you can manage regular expenses comfortably, your potential for saving funds is quite high.

Career and Business

Businessmen may be tempted to explore new areas, to boost their sales action. They may need to move out of their comfort region, to reach their goals. Those who are in imports and exports may need to travel overseas to settle a big-ticket deal. Businessmen also need to come up with a sharp strategy to score higher than competitors and expand market share in the local region. Career-oriented individuals need to increase efficiency and get work done swiftly. This, in turn, may secure a safe position for them, and keep their future career growth prospects bustling. Progressive energies may work productively during this period.

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