Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020

Love and Relationship

During this period, you may inadvertently bump into a colleague of the opposite sex from your adolescent years. This being a very personal friend, one meeting might not be enough. You might want to meet again at a different place soon, where you can talk and express yourself freely. Love may be in the air. When it comes to family, there might be some minor differences of opinion between family members. However, the overall environment may be peaceful. If you are married, you may get good gifts from your in-laws. Salaried employees must settle on cordial terms with their colleagues, to receive future guidance and help.

Education and Knowledge

During this period, students may need to beware of outside factors that could upset them, and prevent them from concentrating solely on academics. Students may take a little more time to grasp a particular subject. A piece of warning here. Rather than retaining detailed notes, students may do well to prepare short handwritten notes, that may reduce the time of revision during exams. Students who wish to continue higher education may be victorious. They may be able to get admission in the college or university of their choice. All in all, students may make adequate progress during this period.


For Scorpios, this period is necessary. You need to be additional cautious when it comes to your fitness, this week. Keep your hands and face clean, to ward off any viral diseases. Always drink filtered water, and avoid consuming roadside junk. Any old sicknesses may crop up and cause you trouble again. In the event of any physical distress, consult your physician immediately. Even though the issue might not be extreme, treating it may avoid further complexities. Middle-aged and older men may need to be careful when it comes to health issues. One must remember that prevention is better than cure.

Business and Finances

This may be a mixed week, where money and finance are concerned. While on the whole, your economic security may be sound, you may not be able to save lots of money during this period, notwithstanding sincere efforts. Make provision for some unforeseen family expenses, though you may be able to manage these expenses with ease. Despite your comfortable position, try avoiding all unnecessary expenses. Try not to take any unnecessary risks, or choose any dishonest methods to make money, no matter how lucrative it may seem in the short term, as it may be harmful to your finances eventually.

Career and Business

For businessmen, this may be a good period, as they may be full of enthusiasm and endurance, to develop their customer base and expand their business. However, businessmen must recognize that competition is always present. They may try to develop a new marketing policy if needed. Businessmen must concentrate on quality deliverance and lower profit margins if required. Salaried workers may need to work extra hard to submit their assignments on time. Their struggles may be nothing but the best. If workers adhere to timely deliverance of work assigned by their superiors, they have chances of good career growth. Disregarding their work may be unfortunate for career-oriented individuals.

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