Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singletons may run into childhood friends of the opposite gender. But, there may be only social exchanges, and with apparently no plans to meet again. So, you have to do something extraordinary to build a romantic bond with this person. On the family front some problems may cause discomfort. Do not get worked up and try and keep your calm, even if you have to make a sacrifice. Remember, it is desirable for the love and harmony of the family. There may be new bonds that may develop during this period. But, take caution when socializing with someone of the opposite gender. Married people may feel weird because of the unfamiliar behavior of their spouse. Spend some quality time with them to bring back passion and belongingness in the relationship.

Education and Knowledge

During this period, the exalted Sun moves through the fifth house which is linked with primary education. This may allow students to learn things well, and retain concepts effectively. Students pursuing undergraduate degrees in science or IT related topics may not be equipped to score high marks, despite working very hard. This may be scary now, but don’t fret, a dark cloud always as a silver lining. Students pursuing higher studies need to be alert all the time. They might get useful advice that may help them learn things fast enough so they make significant progress in their academic life.


Beware of some minor health problems. Do not ignore any symptoms, and seek expert medical help immediately, to avoid future difficulties. Thanks to powerful healing vibes from Jupiter in the sixth house, the medication may work excellently to help you recover fast. Be careful of your left eye. Visit an ophthalmologist, if you have any persistent eye issues. Do some light exercises, and keep a morning workout regime so you can worl through the day, without getting exhausted.

Money and Finances

Saturn is in the second house this week. This is majorly associated with investment. Saturn also controls the third house for Sagittarius. A debilitated Jupiter passes through the third house, along with the malefic Ketu. This inclination of two major planets forecasts good news in terms of an increased income. But, contrary to what it appears, there may be no notable monetary profit. Rather, you may need to keep a control on unwarranted expenses, to be financially stable. Delay any major expenses if possible. Besides that, this is quite a pleasant week, as there’s nothing really to fret about.

Career and Business

During this week, positive vibes from Jupiter in the tenth house, may work well towards driving your prospects on the professional front, forward. But, if you are a businessman, you may need to put in a little additional effort, to make notable progress. Career-oriented people must strive to put up enhanced performances, and must be ready to work extended hours to keep their status and prospects of the future secure. Progressive energies might operate positively here. Short-term travel by both businessmen and working professionals might bear positive results. However, both need to be cautious while travelling by public transport.

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