Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 29th March – 4th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

If you are single, expect pressure from family members to either bring a spouse of their choice, or agree to get married to the person the elders select. Pressure will be on to tie the knot soon and get settled in life. Singles would even accept their family choices, and tie the marital knot. On the family front, some issues may cause you mental exertion. Make sure you don’t get stressed over this, and stay balanced. Try to see things from your family’s point of view, in order to maintain peace. Your social circle may expand during this week. You may look forward to serious and meaningful relationships, so your prospects in general are in good shape.

Education and Knowledge

Students pursuing graduate degree and professional diplomas need to focus well on studies. While they are likely to stay focused while studying, they need to grasp concepts fast, which is the need of the hour. If students are diligent this week, they will learn well and sail smooth. Students need to memorise well, which will help them fulfil their goals. Students who are pursuing higher studies may indulge in sports. But, there may be a situation in which a student cannot give sufficient time for their academics, making their progress slower.


This week is good for your health, as there is no major health issue predicted. Just light exercises will suffice and you will be fit. Apart from working without exertion, you would enjoy general good health and activeness most of the time. Only middle-aged and old people need to be careful about age-related health issues. Diabetic patients need to adhere to their doctor’s regulations very strictly and keep distance from desserts, aerated drinks and be regular with your check-ups.

Money and Finances

According to planetary alignments, you might get an opportunity to earn a handsome amount. But, ponder wisely before taking any decision. Do not take shortcuts, or risks to increase financial gains. Keep a strict regulation on unnecessary/luxurious expenses, so you can focus on saving for the future. Strive to maintain financial stability.

Career and Business

Businessmen could have a hard time running their companies profitably, and need to work strategically to attain a high level of success in their fields. They have to take extra care while going on short trips. If they are careful, these trips may yield profits. Employees need to manage time well at work and be prepared to work extra hours this week to secure their future. They could be content with their future growth opportunities as planetary forces would continue to work in their favour.

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