Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 26th April – 2nd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

During this time, love appears to be in the air. Singles may not stay single anymore. There may be a possibility of rekindling inclination towards an old crush. Well, the feelings may be mutual, and your love may be reciprocated. Married couples may feel a little hurt if one of the partners shows some indifference. However, learn to give your spouse sufficient time and space. Listen to your partner without being judgemental. 

Education and Knowledge

If you are studying, you may do well not to be indifferent towards your education, particularly if you are in the last year of college. Being lazy may only have a disastrous impact on your final exam results. It is important for final year bachelor students to be attentive in class. If you prepare short notes during and after the lectures, it might help. This may jump-start lost focus and attention, and may also serve as a memory enhancer. Such short notes may also serve as ready reckoners, during the final exams. Students who are pursuing post-graduate studies may also need to be very attentive and focused.


During this time, there may be no major health concerns. However, watch out for acid reflux, as, if unchecked, it can lead to a very uncomfortable condition. Try to include fiber-rich grains and fresh vegetables in your diet. Stay hydrated, and avoid eating spicy meals. This may help with the excess acid in your stomach. Try to work-out daily. Some moderate exercises in the morning may help you stay fit and healthy. Beware, as there may be a risk of you getting injured especially on the lower half of your body.

Money and Finances

On the money and finance front, this may be a good week, as the inflow of money for you may increase. There are only two conditions however, money and hard work. You may need to give it your best shot. Don’t worry, as you may be adequately rewarded. Do not adopt shortcuts to earn a quick buck, as they may appear lucrative initially, but such unethical ways of earning money may end in disaster. Beware of overspending and cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Focus upon saving for the future.

Career and Business

On the professional front this may be a tumultuous week, as you may be overloaded with work. For businessmen, this may be a fabulous time to check out unknown territories for expanding their product’s sales. You may need to make a few short business trips. The initial trip may not yield bright results, but the follow-up trip may prove to be very profitable. Salaried employees may need to work more efficiently, and render more output. If they do, it may strengthen their chances of a promotion. During this period, collective planetary forces may support you for the entire week, and may help your career and business grow.

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