Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

For singles, this may be a great time, as they may inadvertently crash into the person on whom they have had a crush on, for a long time. However, one encounter may not be enough for both, and you may make arrangements to appear again, at a more suitable place this time. The feelings that you may have pent up in your heart may eventually be conveyed. Both partners may be ready to marry. Beware of minor family issues, that may disturb your rational peace. Maintaining family harmony must be your top preference. Married couples may spice up their married life by doing something special for their partner.

Education and Knowledge

During this week, bachelor and diploma students may remain busy with some kind of social activity. Students may not be able to dedicate enough time for studies, and this might have an adverse effect upon their exam results. Students may need to adjust and concentrate more. There may be several disturbances for students seeking post-graduation courses. They may need to ward off abstractions and keep academics as their top priority. You may take advice from your elders and follow them. These tips may help you learn things more efficiently, and may actually be a blessing in disguise.


Take care of your health this week, as you may experience a minor respiratory disorder. Try lingering away from overcrowded and polluted places. Try adhering to wholesome meals, and avoid heavy and oily late-night dinners. Try staying away from junk. Eat food that is easy to absorb and nutritious at the same time. Middle-aged people may need to be extra careful when it comes to their health. If you are diabetic, keep close attention to your blood sugar levels. Patients suffering from high blood pressure need to take their medications regularly. In case of any physical anomalies, visit a physician promptly.

Money and Finances

During this period, the second house is ruled by Saturn, a planet primarily responsible for financial matters. Saturn transits in its other sign Aquarius, along with mars. Both seem to be passing through the third house. Hence, a certain practical and viable investment may come your way. Try to stay away from making any investments however, as this isn’t a very bright period for new investments. During this period, your financial inflow may increase steadily. You may need to cut down on heavy spending and focus on saving for your future. You may easily be able to manage your day to day expenses during this period. Even unexpected expenses may not be an issue.

Career and Business

During this period, salaried employees may need to be very careful with their work performance. They may need to remain committed, and complete all given tasks within a specified time. Salaried people shouldn’t take their jobs for granted. Their career growth may seem promising and promising. For businessmen, short sales trips may be very profitable. Take stock of important documents, and your money, especially while traveling. Businessmen may negotiate multiple deals during this period. If they do so, they must thoroughly check the background of their prospective customers before extending any credit. Try to refrain from taking any major business decisions during this week.

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