Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

There is a high chance of singles randomly crashing into the person for whom they had a crush on. Although, one encounter will not be enough for both. You will want to meet again, possibly at a better location this time! True emotions pent up in the soul will finally be shared. Both of you will be willing to tie the matrimonial knot! Minor family issues may interrupt your mental peace. Keep calm and handle such a circumstance tactfully. Maintaining family unity must be your first priority.

Education and Knowledge

Graduation and diploma students will continue to stay busy with some kind of social work throughout this week. Students may not be able to dedicate enough time for academics. This could certainly hurt examination results. Students will need to concentrate and focus more. There will be numerous perplexities for students pursuing post-graduation courses. They will need to tackle these disturbances and keep academics as their preference. Remember and follow any tips given to you by your seniors. These tips will help you to discover things more efficiently and will prove to be a revelation in disguise!


You may experience minor respiratory system sickness during this week. Stay away from overcrowded and polluted places. Stick to healthy meals and avoid heavy and oily late-night suppers. You must avoid junk and undercooked food. Old aged people should be extra careful about their health. Diabetics must keep a close watch over the blood sugar levels. Patients experiencing high blood pressure should also take regular medications. In case of any distress, visit a physician immediately.

Money and Finances

The second house is ruled by Saturn which is principally liable for matters of finance. Saturn transits in its other sign Aquarius, along with Mars. Both seem to be going through the third house. Certain profitable and financially viable grant opportunities may come your way. Since this is not a very lively period for new investments, abstain from doing so this week. Financial inflow seems to be firmly increasing. Cut down on needless expenses and focus upon saving for the future. You will easily be able to handle your day to day duties during this period. Even unforeseen expenses will not be a problem.

Career and Business

Salaried employees will need to be very cautious with their display at work. They will need to stay dedicated and complete all assigned tasks within specified time. They should not take the safety of their jobs for granted. The growth of their career seems to be very promising and encouraging. Short business trips will prove to be very beneficial. Take proper care of valuable documents and money while travelling. Businessmen will be accommodating multiple deals during this period. They should thoroughly check the history of their new customers prior continuing any credit to them. Abstain from taking any major decisions about business during this week.

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