Pisces Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Those who are unattached must be prepared to face pressure from their family and loved ones to tie the knot with someone of their liking. But, in the face of an average financial position, couples must delay all nuptials. This is a good time to spend with the family. There won’t be any familial problems to confront. In your romantic bond, you and your partner might have different opinions on some matters. Try and understand your loved one, and accommodate their opinion, to keep love and harmony in the romantic relationship.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are into graduation may be encouraged to study hard and learn new things, to do well in their annual examinations. Students may stay focused on their studies. They may study their syllabus, and learn it effectively. Planetary shifts this week favour students, and a good time is about to come. All they need to do is to be consistent in their studies. If they do so, their performance may improve. The only hurle students might face is that they might not be able to sit in one place for long hours. Don’t worry, as patience and the right advie may aid students in increasing their tolerance levels. Students who have dreams of flying overseas for higher education, might see them become a reality.


Beware of some health concerns catching up with you, as implied by planetary shifts. Keep an eye out. If you experience any unseemly symptoms, visit your doctor promptly, so he or she may designate the right medicine to pull you out of discomfort. Those who are middle-aged and beyond, need to pay attention to long term annoying health concerns. They need to do everything they can to keep things in check. Be extra mindful of your health during this time, as there is a chance of an unforeseen injury.

Money and Finances

This week, planets align in such a way that you may become wiser and more skilled at handling your economics. The positive power of planets may boost your income inflow in authentic ways. Watch out for a surge in family and household related expenses mid-week. Handle your finances efficiently. It would be wise to cut useless personal expenses, to stay strong in the financial area. Overall, the week is beneficial in terms of wealth.

Career and Business

Career-oriented people need to increase their efficiency to display some growth in their work performance. Employees in regular day jobs could feel insecure in their positions. People who want to change jobs would be more sensible to abstain from doing so. Instead, they must stick to what they are doing now, so that they thrive in that field. Businessmen need to put in that additional effort to strike a huge contract with a high profile client. Businessmen trading with international companies may need to travel overseas to finalise any lucrative deal.

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